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Change of Plans


Sooooo, THIS happened over the weekend.



If you ask the girls the story of what happened, here’s what you will hear:

Bailey:  Brooke pushed me off the giraffe!!!

Me: The giraffe????  Do you mean she pushed you off the bed???

Brooke: NO! I pushed her off the giraffe!!!!


We do have a stuffed giraffe chair animal thing (if you’re curious for reference, it’s similar to this one, but way cheaper. Ours was like $20 from Walmart 2 years ago). But I still have no idea how being pushed off of a chair that is located on the floor – the seat no more than 6 inches above the ground – could cause an injury. No idea. But somehow, my offspring found a way.

The injury actually occurred on Friday night when they were supposed to be in bed, but were actually up rough-housing (hey – go figure – you do something you’re not supposed to and you end up getting hurt! Tough lesson to learn, kiddo!).  I checked Bailey’s arm and she was able to move everything so I just made her go back to bed.

If you recall from the end of this post, we had a jam-packed schedule last weekend! Saturday morning we got up and met our friends at the local splash pad. It was there I noticed Bailey still was not using her arm – like, at all.  The splash pad is adjacent to a little playground and when the kids decided to go play on the playground it became painfully obvious that Bailey still had a problem. She couldn’t climb the ladder to get up to the top of the playscape. If anything, her arm seemed to be doing worse. She was holding it into her body and not using it at all. I called our playdate quits early and headed home to change out of swimsuits and immediately headed over to urgent care. I was pretty sure nothing was broken, but I thought it was possible she had a fracture or bad sprain or something and decided the injury justified medical attention.

We were at the urgent care for 3 hours (ugh!!!) and in the end, the doctor recommended against an x-ray. His rationale was that we don’t want to expose a young child to unnecessary radiation, and since we were pretty sure nothing was broken, the course of action for most of the remaining possibilities (strain, pulled muscle, bruised bone) would be the same:  a sling!

So he hooked Bailey up with a super-cool kids-sized sling and sent us on our way with instructions to keep a close eye on it and that if things hadn’t resolved within a week, that we should come back (or go to our primary care at that point).

Bailey was an excellent patient and has actually really enjoyed her sling. Within just the past couple days she’s already regained quite a bit of mobility. The arm is still sore and she needs some additional help with certain things (e.g., getting dressed has been hard one-handed), but she’s already on the mend.

Unfortunately, the injury basically blew all of the rest of our weekend plans!! Our preschool did their bi-annual Parent’s Night Out on Saturday evening, but at that point Bailey was still having a tough time even feeding herself and going to the bathroom (pulling down pants, getting toilet paper) and I just didn’t feel good about dropping them off with a ton of other kids and taking off for date night. Probably would’ve been okay if it was a babysitter in our own home, but the fact it would be a bunch of kids, etc. I just didn’t feel good about it.

And on Sunday we were supposed to go to another child’s birthday party, but the party was supposed to be at a local indoor trampoline park. That also seemed like a pretty bad idea for a child with an injured arm. We’ve been once before (for another party), and I knew that falling down was inevitable. No big deal most of the time, but I didn’t want to chance her falling on her arm, or falling and trying to instinctively catch herself with her hurt arm, etc. So that was that.

Our big, fun weekend plans turned into 3 hours at Urgent Care and spending the rest of the weekend taking it easy at the house. I like relaxing and taking it easy with the best of them, but it was a bit disappointing given our excitement over all the fun!

Soooooo, so much for our original plans. Isn’t that just life for ya?  I’m just thankful it wasn’t worse. I’m also thankful for health insurance and our flexible spending account with plenty of money in it to cover this expense. They didn’t charge us anything at the time (said they’d bill insurance), but I know we haven’t quite hit our deductible yet so I’m expecting a bill at some point. That being said, this incident might be enough to tip us over into having our deductible fully paid, which would be nice. So we’ll see what the financial implications are. Either way, I know we’ll be fine. I love that peace of mind!


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  • Reply Cheryl |

    My dd moved home in July after being away at school and work for three yrs. My dh and I decided to go for a day trip the beginning of August. Rachel caught a virus so bad she couldn’t eat or barely swallow for five days. We spent our adventure in the er, her getting a steroid shot so she could eat and drink again. The day after Labor day we decided to try again. Rachel spent the day before at her old work place and spent the night. Bright and early we get a call, she is at her doctor’s office. She thought she hurt her tail bone, got worse and thought she broke it. No Rachel had an infected abscess, another trip to the er, surgery, visiting nurses, and now working only four hours per day. As parents we never get that break do we? Hope your baby feels better.

  • Reply Mindy |

    Oh no! Sorry to hear of your sprout’s injury and the crimp it put in your plans. Paws crossed that she continues to heal without the need of additional medical attention. P.S. Cute sling!!!

    Completely off topic, but I’m not sure when or where else would be best to ask… Is there any possibility of bringing on additional bloggers? I find both your and Hope’s posts interesting, but it would be nice to have another blogger or two in the mix, especially given Hope’s hiatus. Like some of the other readers, I just don’t get much out of the random community member posts about homeowner’s insurance, etc.

    • Reply Kili |

      Hope Bailey gets Well soon. Sorry to hear your Weekend didnt Go as planned.

      Agreeing with Mindy. The random community members posts are nothing i Can relate to (where as i Can totally relate to Ashleys and Hopes Post despite being in a totally different Situation). It would be nice to have Another dedjcated regular writer in The Mix.

    • Reply amy |

      I totally agree that we need another blogger! Maybe someone from a middlish income bracket, where Ashley is high and Hope is low?

    • Reply Ashley |

      I think this could be a really good idea. I’m definitely not the “decision-maker” (I’m just a contributor), but I can contact the blog owners and let them know the common sentiment among readers hoping for another blogger to add to the mix. : )

  • Reply Jay |

    Sorry about that. A friend had an unexpected expense that caused him to meet his annual out of pocket max. So, what did he do? Scheduled every possible surgery or thing that had built up for this year! If you have met your out of pocket for the year, consider getting everything done for the family that has been on a wait and see or maybe in the future. Just a thought!

    • Reply Ashley |

      THIS!!! Happening! I just got our Explanation of Benefits in the mail today and, looking it over, we have officially hit our deductible! Hubs already has a vasectomy appointment scheduled in October (wahoo!!!!). We’ll have to see what else comes up but I know there are a couple other medical needs that can get added to the party before 2017 rolls around. : )

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