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A/C is on….


It could only last so long, right?

After our outrageous electric bill back in February I turned the A/C totally OFF and it has remained that way ever since. The impact on our bill has been HUGE! Our most recent bill (to be paid this month) is less than one hundred dollars! I think that’s the lowest electric bill we’ve ever received!!!

In my last budget update I’d mentioned that I wasn’t sure how long it would last. We’ve had a few days in the mid-90’s temperature range, and it’s been a little tough to deal with the heat lingering around well into the night. Even so, I was secretly hoping to leave the A/C fully off until after our cruise (which would put us in early May).

Not so much. heh.

I got home the other day from work after what had been another day in the mid-90s and the FIRST thing I notice is a sound….the sound of the air conditioner running.

Gotta love sweet hubs. He set the thermostat at 80 degrees, so it’s still quite high and the A/C isn’t running for long. But he’d been off work early that day and the house was just too hot to handle. Fine. So we compromised on an 80* setting for the time being.

I don’t anticipate this having a huge impact on our electric bill or anything. Living in Tucson we have some HOT summers so we always have higher electric bills in summer when the A/C is busy cranking away for most of the day. But it makes it a bit more “real.” Summer is right around the corner. The hot temps are already coming in full-force. It will be interesting what next month’s bill will be.


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  • Reply CanadianKate |

    We’re the reverse and the challenge is how late in the year can one go without turning on the furnace?

    Now I live in an apartment with radiators. Heat/cooling is included in my rent (as well as electricity) but whether my radiator is pumping through hot water or cold water is controlled by management. Each room has a control that determines at what temperature you’ll ask for a fan to blow over the radiator. In the winter, except on -40 cloudy days, my controls are all set at 55* because the radiant heat from the hot water in the radiator plus all the heat from neighboring apartments keeps it more than warm enough, about 72* (we used to keep our house at 65* in winter.)

    The problem is when management pulls the switch in the spring. My 55* set thermostat goes “Holy Cow, I’ve got to cool this apartment down!” and if you aren’t home when it happens, you can come back to a freezing apartment. The reverse is true in the fall. In the fall, I’ll have my thermostat set at 85* so the fans won’t come on and I use the windows for cooling if necessary, but when the hot water starts pumping through, the fans will then run my apartment up to 85*!

    • Reply Ashley |

      Yes, we’ve got some complexes like that here, too! I’ve never lived in one, but I remember it from several years ago when we were shopping for new apartments. One would think they’d leave a notice (maybe on the mailboxes or in a common area) to let residents know when the switch was going to occur! I can imagine it being quite a surprise to come home to a freezing cold (or, alternatively, burning hot depending on season) apartment!

  • Reply Klm |

    You live in Arizona! You’re allowed to run the AC a bit early to make the heat bearable!

  • Reply The Finance Games |

    Winter got us – bills for power up to $150! Now, down to $50.

    The worst thing is that bills for water are shared across my entire apartment complex, meaning our bill never goes down if we use less water. $140 a month for sewer, water, trash for 1 bedroom! It’s nuts and no idea what to do about it besides move when the lease is up!

    • Reply Ashley |

      I used to live in an apartment where they CLAIMED we only paid for our own water usage, but I swear they added in water that was used to maintain common areas (grass, plants, etc.) because I NEVER saw a budget based on our actual usage. It was something similar – over $100/months for a tiny little one-bedroom apartment. It was nuts!

    • Reply hannah |

      $140/month for that is absolutely insane! No way it should cost that much, I hope you can move soon.

  • Reply Cheryl |

    Living in W. PA we had snow this weekend and ice last weekend. Our winter was better then spring so far. With temps in the 90’s in air conditioning would be on here too. Cheryl

    • Reply Ashley |

      Yikes! Yes, I always brag about our winters because they’re so lovely here. But trust me, come the middle of summer I’ll be complaining about the unbearable heat! lol. Be safe on all that snow/ice!

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