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Weekly Savings Update #2- Savings Setback


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Last week ended up being a shaky one for GF and me. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we both ended up coming down with colds. Instead of traveling to see my family and really enjoying the holiday, we spent most of our day laying in bed and napping. Later in the day, we went over to GF’s mom’s house to celebrate the holiday with her. We brought over some sides and a pie that GF made a couple of nights before, which was fantastic. A week later and we’re FINALLY feeling better.

Another important item came up last Wednesday- I noticed a lump on my dog’s leg that had not been there previously. Our dogs may as well be real children, we love them so much, so to find this lump on his leg really scared us. I immediately scheduled an appointment with the vet for as soon as we could. Fast forward to the vet visit. After getting a biopsy done, the vet couldn’t confirm whether the lump was malignant or not, and the sample had to be sent to a pathologist for more testing. During the same visit, I decided to update his vaccinations and preventions, instead of waiting the additional month when they were due. The cost of the visit tallied $482.29 (most of that being the biopsy and sending the test to the pathologist), and we don’t have the results yet. Adding to my savings over the past couple of weeks has already benefitted me. Thanks to everyone who recommended this option. Here’s hoping for the best.

As stated above, my savings took a large hit. The last paycheck of the month goes to my mortgage, car insurance and few other bills, leaving little to nothing to add to savings. Here are the final totals after the week:

November 17th BalanceCurrent BalanceAdded Since Last UpdateNeeded to Reach Goal

I hope everyone has a great week!


Hi! My name is Matt and welcome to Blogging Away Debt! As one of the bloggers here, it's clear that I'm in debt, but how much in debt, you may ask? Well...when I graduated college in 2009, I nearly fainted when I saw the price tag- $110,000. $110,000! For school! Add to this my car loan and my total debt topped $126,000.

In September of 2013, I had an epiphany to pay of the remainder of my debt ($104,000) as fast as I could. With my sights set on a debt free date of November 2016, I'll share my journey with you to reach this goal, every step of the way.

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  • Reply Judi |

    I’m sending good thoughts and prayers that your dogs biopsy results are benign! Our dogs are like our children as well and I’ve dropped disturbing amounts on their medical care during the debt repayment process (ACL surgery runs about 1.5k)! You may want to consider insurance for your dog. It’s fairly cheap per month ($15-35 depending on breed) but ours covers 80% of procedures and 50% of yearly checkups.

      • Reply Judi |

        I noticed that you didn’t post this week and I hope everything is ok! I think I’m overly nervous for your dogs medical results and was hoping for an update (obviously not my business but just worried for your dog). I’m sending you guys some good thoughts, and a future full of dogs kisses and love.

  • Reply Walnut |

    I’m hoping for the best for your dog. I’ve been in your shoes and absolutely spent more than I ever thought I would on my dog’s medical care. I don’t regret it one bit and would spend every penny again.

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