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Teaching Pays the School Bills


We had open house at our homeschool co op this week.  As of today, I have 16 paying students registered for classes.  I am so excited!!!

As this last month of summer break has dwindled towards the end.  I have been filled with remorse at having committed so much of my time to teaching especially spread across the week so long weekends won’t really be an option.  But I knew it was the right decision financially as it truly will pay the way for all my kiddos classes and that is a HUGE financial burden lifted.

But as I got to mingling with the other mom/teachers I could see the passion in them.  And as the families and kiddos started trickling in, I felt that passion rise in me.  I am so excited to get to be a small part of these kids lives and teach something that I truly LOVE.  And I’m really grateful for the support this particular co op gives to the teachers…complete control over our curriculum and our classrooms.

So while I have spent hours this summer prepping my classes and content, now that I have met most of my students I will spend this weekend revising my expectations and class schedule and assignments.

I won’t make any money on this per se, but 1) the tuition from my students is fully covering the cost of my kids’ co op classes and 2) I will have 3 full prepared classes if I ever chose to teach these classes again – Multi-level Geometry, Intro to Computer Programming and Advanced Computer Applications.

Classes start next week!


  • Reply Den |

    Hope – that is awesome! I’m excited for you and your classes and your students – they will have an enthusiastic teacher!

    And what a great way to pay for your kids classes – amazing and smart! Great start to the school year!

    • Reply Hope |

      Thanks, Den! I am really excited, and already have other ideas for more classes. And on top of that some of the parents asked if I would do a class for them. How fun would that be!?
      Now if only I could find a way to have more hours in the day.

  • Reply Walnut |

    I commented on this post yesterday, but it looks like it never actually posted. Hm…

    Regardless, I’m always impressed by your side hustling, Hope. This was an awesome win for eliminating one of your most significant expenses and will now enable you to put some extra cash to one of your other goals that you laid out a few weeks ago. Nice job!

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, Walnut, I am super excited that it has worked out. And particularly grateful that my “regular” clients are so supportive when I pick up these new things in the middle of a typical work day.
      And maybe this will fill the giant void in my heart at not being able to foster more kids for the time being…and these kids I won’t have to financially support!

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