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A New Venture


I hinted at the beginning of the year that I was seeking a way to expand my business, ie make it less about me and more of a product/service I could expand with.  I am excited to say that I believe I have found the beginnings of a new path.  I am super excited and so tempted to throw everything to the wayside and just dive in.  Stop!

The problem is the new venture is going to entail some start up costs.  Some new software and hardware that I do not have and thus far have not found a way to get discounted in any way. So I am proudly, very proudly since before I would pull out my consumer card  that is now paid off (transferred to a lower interest cc) and just go for it.  But I haven’t and I won’t!

I am doing my due diligence, checking out the competition, running preliminary numbers and gathering intelligence.  But I am also putting just a bit more aside this month toward possible business expansion with the distinct thought of jumping in in the next few months.

I’m not ready to reveal this new venture.  But I will tell you this…it would be something that my children could be involved in, it would not change my current level of dedication to existing and long running clients, and I think that it would open a whole new realm of possibilities for my business and future.  I am keeping my priorities, which is why this is taking longer than if I just jumped in anywhere.

  1. I will still be able to set my own hours and work around the kids schooling and activities.
  2. I will still be able to work from anywhere, so the very real possibility of moving somewhere cheaper would not be a factor.
  3. I would still be mobile, so could travel and work simultaneously.
  4. While there are some start up costs, and annual costs associated with this path, I think I could make a success of it enough so to offset the start up considerations within a year or three at most.
  5. There is a true need for what I am considering so any investment would be a wise one if I commit to sticking to it and growing it.

I am super excited and wanted to share since I really have finally zeroed in on one very real venture.  I’m sorry if this is cryptic, but I wanted you to know what was going on with this area of my life.  Expanding my earning power and moving toward taking myself out of the mix so I can expand my business.  Yeah!

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  • Reply Patrick |

    A new day, a new venture, and of course there are associated costs. The trouble with all these “new plans” you keep popping up with (Buying a house, selling a house, selling a van, buying a car, new jobs) is that you don’t ever give yourself enough time to build up a solid foundation. Stop looking around for the Next Big Thing and maybe you’ll give yourself some stability.

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