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Chapter Closed


Well, almost…our house sold today. It’s officially over. As a result of the finishing touches I had to complete this week, it’s been extremely emotional for me, lots of crying. The new owners even moved in early, paying a per diem rate to take possession last Friday rather than waiting for today’s closing.

My parents will come for a week long visit in one week, and my dad said that he will tell me at that time what, if anything I will receive from the sale. I’m not going to rehash this, I’m not holding out any hope, what I am going to do is do my best to forgive and forget this house debacle even happened. Time heals all wounds, but I have a week to get my game face on and soften my heart. The wounds are fresh and the reality of our home being gone, well it’s really sad to me.

I just wanted you to know that this chapter of my life is closed…well, except for the remaining utility bills I must pay.


  • Reply Heather |

    Sending you love and hugs. Someday you will look back and understand the why. Until then, lick your wounds and remember this too will get better.


  • Reply amy |

    Can I just say that I am confused? I don’t see what you need to forgive. From what I understand, YOU broke the contract with your dad, not the other way around. He then chose to sell his belonging. Am I missing something?

    • Reply emmi |

      I got the impression her dad was being a bit controlling. But this could be me projecting. You are reducing it to a clean, emotionless business transaction, which it doesn’t sound like it actually was. If it were, it probably would have gone much better. Seems unfair to say, oh it was just this simple thing when it really wasn’t.

    • Reply Financial Fan |

      I agree with Amy. Hope, you have been elusive about this housing topic, and that is your right to do so. However, we as readers are really only getting your side of this story, so I feel it is best to refrain from commenting about this unless you want to share all the details (ie. your father’s side of the story.) It’s not really fair to us as readers or to your father either.

  • Reply revdrmd |

    I am so glad your house has sold. I think it is a good idea that you are treating yourself to Thanksgiving at Golden Corral. Take some time over the holiday to rest and take care of yourself so all your emotional reserves are replenished before you have the talk with your Dad. In time your heart will heal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Reply Mia |

      Thanks for the idea of Golden Corral for dinner; we needed a place to eat (but chose Country Buffet instead – my husband just now called!) since I’m not well enough to cook.

      Hope, I wish you and the kids have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and my fingers are crossed that you are able to make some money from the home sale after all expenses.

  • Reply Mary from SC |

    Hi Hope – you have been missed. I am glad you were able to take a mental break for a day and that you have given yourself permission to let someone else handle the load on Thanksgiving! You have had a lot going on so please don’t be too hard on yourself. After Thanksgiving, your parents visit, etc., you will hopefully feel re-energized and ready to tackle the world (and your debt) again. Closing a chapter can be hard, but it opens up the door for a whole new perspective. Once your visit with your parents is over and the “elephant in the room” has been banished, you will know what your new “starting point” will be. Hang on…but for this week and next, continue to heal and enjoy your family and all the blessings you have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

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