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Has Anyone Seen My Husband?


About two months ago, hubby and I agreed he would only work three nights during the week and one weekend day doing side work. The other two nights and other weekend day, I would work from home on my side work while he ‘relaxed’ and watched the baby.

Over the last month, he’s been gone every night since folks wanted to get that ‘one last thing’ ready for the holidays. Right now, he’s installing lighting in a kitchen and since the homeowners can’t use the kitchen while he’s working on it, he’s been over there every night.

I’ve been doing my side work from home while our kidlet keeps himself entertained with toys our neighbor gave him – I’m SO thankful to have a happy, mellow baby – but I work slower than usual since I have to juggle feeding and rocking him while typing. We are tired – definitely hubby more than me (poor guy!) – but all this extra work makes a huge difference. We were forced to rely on our guestimated tax refund to pay off the rest of our debt but now it looks like we may have enough to put us on our way toward saving a larger emergency fund.

I just keep telling myself, it won’t be like this forever. We won’t always be this tired and we won’t always be blessed with this much work. Yes, I see all this work as a blessing – especially in this economy.

Two more months.


  • Reply Money Beagle |

    I guess too much work is better than too little, which probably would have been the case a couple of years ago. Hopefully he’s able to balance things out soon!

  • Reply Shannon |

    I admire you for even trying to work with the baby around. I can barely do the dishes and clean up the kitchen with my little one underfoot. LOL!

  • Reply Danielle |

    I am blessed to have a husband who can work tons of extra OT to help pay down our debt, but at the same time it is really hard taking care of our 2 kids (2yr and 4yr) all the time. He works 14hr nights mostly at the hospital so we get to see him when he gets home in the morning then he’s off to bed. We get to see him for a little bit when he wakes up to go back to work. It is just hard being the only one awake when the kids are up. But I am glad he has job security and OT. And I keep saying it won’t be like this forever! Way to go on being almost done!

  • Reply Nicole |

    Ditto what Shannon said…it’s difficult to work with a baby around! You and your husband both sound like some of the most determined, hard-working people out there!

  • Reply Steve |

    I have followed your story closely over the past year and want to say how impressed I have been over your journey. You are an excellent writer and do such a great job of helping your readers experience all your ups and downs. I am especially amazed that you have been able to do all this with paying a mortgage that is more than 50% of your income! I hope you can find more affordable housing or go back to renting out part of it to make extra cash.

  • Reply Kevin S. |

    It can be tough. My wife hates it when I go to work and then come home to blogging. She is right though, I need to spend more time with her. This blogging doesn’t earn much and well no mater how much it brings in, family is more important.

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