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One Step Forward… and Two Steps Back


We received some interesting news about my husband’s new job placement. I was on an excited countdown toward a large pay increase but things have changed.

He is not being transferred.

He was called in for a meeting with his boss and was asked to stay in his current position. If he chooses to stay, he will receive a permanent pay increase – a much smaller increase than the transfer position – and possibly a promotion.

He will not be paid prevailing wage but the increase is permanent rather than temporary and the promotion is a big one.

For our future, staying put in his current position is a better choice, but for now, I’m a bit bummed at not hitting the jackpot of debt reduction.

We’ll find out the specifics of his pay increase this week. Fingers crossed!


  • Reply Wren |

    That sounds more like two steps forward and one step back. A smaller, permanent raise, yes, but also a promotion. Versus a larger, temporary raise and no promotion. Definitely more positive than negative. The debt will get paid off, whether it’s now or next week. Enjoy the positive. 😀

  • Reply Nicole |

    Hey, permanent and pay raise are not words you hear to often in this economy. I’m glad you’re husband heard both of them. Good job!

  • Reply ellen |

    Lacks the thrill factor but better overall. It’s good to get a raise AND a promotion these days.

  • Reply Canan |

    I think it is positive thing in the long run. You guys are doing in getting rid of all that debt. Kudos to you!

  • Reply Canan |

    I meant you guys are doing great in getting rid of all that debt and somehow “great” got lost as I was typing away…

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