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Debt Update…


We worked so hard to get to the halfway mark and we’ve finally hit the nice part of the downhill slope. We are still looking to be debt free somewhere between Dec. 2010 and February 2011.

My Debt
Original Debt: $38,495.86
Paid: $22, 597.28
Remaining: $15,898.58

Broken Down
Auto Loan 1: $0
Credit Card: $0 Woo Hoo!
Student Loan: $9,362.00
Auto Loan 2: $6,536.58


  • Reply Canadian Kate |

    You go girl!!! I’m really impressed with how well you guys are doing, especially during one of the worst economic downturns.

    It is amazing what solid commitment by a family (and it is a commitment by your whole family) to a tough goal can be achieved. No sitting around playing the ‘why us?’ card, you just hunkered down, kept your eyes on the goal and look at the progress you’ve made so far.


  • Reply emmi |

    This part can feel like a plateau until you get to the four digit mark. You’ll get there. You’ve still got the right attitude and energy.

    We’ve been scrimping for so long that when I bought a new duvet cover the other day at a deep discount and it arrived I was SO excited about it. There is way more meaning in keeping things simple and only buying what you actually need.

  • Reply emmi |

    Sorry for the double post. I’m curious if you’ve kept track of your debt carrying costs over time. Most blogs don’t note that but it would be really interesting to see over time. When you started out how much were you paying in interest and fees every month, and how much are you paying now?

  • Reply MoneySolve |

    It’s so completely inspiring for people to see progress you make, particularly as your blog offers such an insight into you as a person. It’s much easier to become inspired by someone you can relate to as a person than just a webpage with some numbers on.

    All the very best with your continued progress!

  • Reply Stephan |

    keep at it, almost there. and i agree with emmi, i would definitely love to see a breakdown of your fees and rates over time, if at all possible=)

  • Reply debtorX |

    I love hearing these inspiring stories! Thanks SO much for providing support for all of us out there who are trying to break those chains of debt!

  • Reply pacmangotDmunch |

    I have also just paid all my bank loans and credit cards off. I had in total an outstanding debt of $30,000.

    I notice you are in the same boat as me now with your student loan. My current amount outstanding is $8,600. But I am accumulating interest on that each year, the original loan was only $5,000! I heard somewhere that after ten years they write the SL off? Its been well over ten years though and its still there…..bummer! Well I think i’ll have to bite the bullet soon and start paying that off too!

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