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The Post of Updates…


I sometimes blog questions and ask for help from readers since I’ve been given great advice in the past. Here’s an update of some of the outcomes…

The Bartering/Jack Hammering post:

The concrete pad was 2’ x 2’ and had three 1 ½” diameter black metal pipes shaped in a triangle poking out. We checked with the city and they had no information on what it could be. After two hours of jack hammering, all we found was more concrete and more piping. A few feet down, the concrete narrowed to an 8” sloppy oval with the pipes still sticking out in a triangle shape. We cut off the tops of the pipes and buried the darn thing again. At least it’s nowhere near the surface and we didn’t find a septic tank, a bomb shelter, or Jimmy Hoffa.

The Wireless Router post:

My brother/roommate grew tired of my “endless” 8 hour search for the best deal and drove straight to Best Buy to purchase a new one. He’s addicted to online gaming for the Xbox system and has the patience of a 5 year old. He got the exact one he wanted – and didn’t ask me for a dime.

The Carpooling Dilemma post:

After the ‘Well, it would be nice if you offered to drive me once in a while’ comment from my co-worker, he simply stopped dropping by the transit stop. He made a few snarky comments like ‘How was the smelly bus this morning?’, which I ignored, and then he gave up completely. He hasn’t made a comment in a few weeks. I enjoy my free public transit and get some peace and quiet now.

I think that covered all the open ended questions. If you think of more, let me know!


  • Reply emmi |

    All I can think of for your mystery concrete is an old hobbiest shortwave antenna post. Our neighbors when I was a kid had one that stood as twice as high as their single-storey house. Ugly as sin, but the base was close to what you describe (although, maybe bigger . . .)

  • Reply WillyPower |

    Thanks for the updates. The Carpool guy still creeps me out. He sounds like a huge HR violation. Many people go and complain to HR for much less than what this person has done. Good thing he is staying away.

  • Reply dcs |

    I agree with emmi. Sounds like an antenna base. Could be for an old TV antenna too, although kinda strange if it wasn’t close to the house.

  • Reply Nicole |

    Maybe the maniacal slab was a sick joke that was part of an ugly divorce. Just a thought.

    Nice job with the wireless router!

    If you get real mad you could tell the co-worker that the smelly bus is better than his crappy car. I would use a more colorful word but this is a family show.

  • Reply V |

    I really dont get the carpool guy.. If he was picking you up from a bustop why on earth would he think you would all of a sudden offer to drive. There is a reason you were taking the bus to work…

    Truly boggles the mind.

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