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Employment Confidence…


I was preparing for a community outreach event for my work and had compiled a stack of materials to distribute. Some of the other departments have fancy rolling carts or plastic boxes but since our department only participates in these types of events four times a year, I put everything in a cardboard moving box.

File Box

As I waited for the elevator while holding my cardboard box, the manager of HR walked up and asked if I was leaving.

‘Yup, I’m out of here!’ I said with a smile.

She put her hand on my arm and said, ‘Is there something I can do? Did something happen?’

Then it hit me. She thought I was quitting.

‘Oh, no. This is for an outreach tomorrow.’ I said laughing.

‘Oh my God. Don’t ever scare me like that again.’ She said placing her hand to her chest.

As I caught the elevator down, I couldn’t help but smile. In these uncertain times, I’ll sleep well tonight. It’s good to feel valued.


  • Reply Laura |

    Aww! That’s awesome; dont’ you love those moments!
    The other day my boss found me to give me some good feedback and a hug. Made my day!

  • Reply Joe Dirt |

    Ok, Mr. Devils advocate here. The HR manager doesn’t sound like your boss, so they don’t know what you do or don’t do. Furthermore, it costs them more money to find a replacement, then it is to keep someone around. Not to mention the less of productivity, and having to train someone new. I am not saying that your not liked there, but in the end they are a business and need to look out for the buisness. Just keep that in mind.

  • Reply Jen |

    Joe Dirt – You’re right that there’s a good chance the HR person doesn’t know what Beks does. But, I’m sure if she was a problem employee the HR person would be aware of who she is, and probably wouldn’t have reacted quite the same way 😉

  • Reply Steve |

    It is nice when you are appreciated in your job. It is also nice to get compliments for what you do. I have been with a company for 23 years and rarely does that happen. I am not after public praise just acknowledgement for what takes place. Enjoy it when you can.

  • Reply Nicole |

    You should try that intermittently just to give yourself a confidence boost. You could see how many people would be sad you’re “leaving” : )

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