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Is it possible the government has your money?


The California State Controller recently spoke at a seminar I attended. His main focus was the economic status of the state (bleak) but he tried to end on a happy note by reminding everyone to check the California unclaimed property website.


I scribbled the info on the back of my napkin but didn’t expect to win the lotto of unclaimed property. No one owes me money right?


Unbeknownst to me, I was involved in a class action lawsuit against a former employer. Employees weren’t given breaks as required by law and the company was required to reimburse employees for the lost time. I only worked for the company 3 months as a summer job ten years ago but… I’m $111 richer.

Check for unclaimed property on your state’s website. There might be some money out there you didn’t know about. Let me know if you find something!

*Note: Women, if you are married, check you married AND maiden name. My unclaimed property was under my maiden name.


  • Reply Lynn |

    Another place to check is missingmoney.com – some states have their missing money through that website. I was checking it last year for my family and found money for my uncle, dad, grandfather and grandmother (who has been dead since 1984!). My uncle ended up getting $2000 and gave me a 10% finders fee. My dad has not claimed his yet and I keep yelling at him. He has all the paper work done and just needs to get it notarized. Its actually pretty pathetic considering he gets things notarized for work all the time. Their money had something to do with the demutualization of Met Life insurance where they had insurance policies.

  • Reply brooklynchick |

    You should also check other states where you’ve lived and worked – my stepmom saw a listing in the newspaper in my hometown and I got *$800*!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Jen |

    Hmm… Never thought to check in other states I’ve lived. But, a few years ago I check the MA website and found $60! It was from a check that didn’t make it to my new address when I had moved.

    Nice find on the $111! Bonus grocery money! 🙂

  • Reply emmi |

    I wasn’t on there, but I checked my family and half, including in-laws, were! Holy cow. Hopefully all those emails I just sent out don’t just get filed as spam… 😀

  • Reply kev |

    Nothing for me, but I did find $400.00 smack-a-roos for my Dad. What do you think? Should I charge the old man a finders fee? Or should I just let it go since he participated in my creation – lol.

  • Reply Dawn/FFL |

    I bailed someone out of Jail about 10 years ago and I got it back – with a teeny tiny bit of interest as well. Kinda odd, but cool.

  • Reply Lonnie Tinnin |

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