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A case of the Monday’s…


Sorry for the late post. I think I’m running late on everything today!

San Diego mass transit won an award for the most on time performance… something I was resentful of as I ran down the platform this morning chasing – and missing my train.

I caught the next one – which promptly broke down two stops later.

I showed up a record 30 minutes late for work because the functioning train was stuck behind the broken one.

I spilt hot chocolate on my skirt from shivering on the side of the tracks.

Then, I tripped down the hallway at work and broke my shoe.

All before 9AM.


I should have stayed in bed today.

How was your Monday?


  • Reply Abigail |

    A lot better than yours, yeesh!

    And that’s saying something, since my schedule was completely messed up by the end of the weekend. But I actually have a doctor in the city again, which is nice since the one back in Seattle has gotten increasingly bad about calling in my refills. Like, I’m still waiting on one from over a week ago. For an anti-depressant. Not good practice for a mental health professional.

    Oh, and the new doc got me a different energy med, when I finally thought to ask. So now, instead of sending away to Canada for meds that cost $343 every three months, I’ll pay under $40 a month.

    What’s better than that? Besides regular sleep and steady amounts of serotonin…

  • Reply Rina |

    Yikes – I hope tomorrow is better.

    Long day for me; we’re moving at the end of the month so I’m living among boxes, packing a lot and the baby has been a handful these past few weeks (I think he sense the big changes ahead with the move).

    Had a facial this evening that made me feel a billion times better – but then experienced some pretty frustrating internet browser issues (um, all of my toolbars (StumbleUpon, Swagbucks) disappeared, and I also though I accidentally deleted my StumbleUpon account at one point.

    I’m feeling better now.

    Here’s to a better tomorrow!!

  • Reply Melanie |

    Oh my! What a crappy morning…it’s funny how it never seems that only *one* bad thing can happen…it’s always got to be a group of them. I hope your day today is MUCH better!!

  • Reply Suzanne |

    Good grief. My boss just through the “Open” sign at me on Monday morning in front of a client. I always forget to turn it over. It is still sitting on my desk where she flung it at me. I can out manuever her passive agressiveness any day.

  • Reply Beks |

    Abigail – Good find!

    Rina – I HATE moving! I feel for you! I hope the move went well.

    Melanie – Thank goodness it was! Whew!

    Suzanne – I promise to never throw an Open sign at you. ; )

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