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Our first fight with Collections…


Yesterday we received a call I thought we’d never get. A call from…


‘This message is for Rebekah’s husband [obviously they stated my husband’s full name], we have an urgent matter to discuss with you. We’re calling from Blankety Blank Collections, please call us immediately!’

I called my husband in a panic. ‘Honey, you’ve got something in COLLECTIONS! Can you call them the second you get home!!??’

I dialed again.


‘Hon, don’t give them your Social Security Number!’


‘Hon, don’t give them your credit card number!’


‘Tell them we want something in writing or an office address!’

To which he finally said, ‘Sweetheart, I can’t call them unless you stop calling me.’

Oh. Oops.

A few minutes later, he called me back and said…

‘Same name, wrong person.’

Hey Collections folks, thanks for making not only people with who can’t pay their bills miserable but also everyone else who shares their name.

I can only hope they won’t be calling back.


  • Reply Cynthia |

    OK, that’s actually kind of hilarious. I’m sure I would have had the same reaction as you had. Glad to hear it was all a mistake!

  • Reply David @ DINKS Finance |

    Glad to hear it was a mistake, tough job for them to have, tho. Think about it – trying to collect money from someone who probably doesn’t have it and who will do anything to avoid it!

  • Reply Carol |

    I obtained a new phone number after a recent move.
    Unfortunately, the prior individual has numerous collection agencies in search of her. I get many calls asking for her and have spent too much time asking them not to call again and remove the number from their list. Some are cooperative, but there are others who keep on calling….ugh!

  • Reply SDC |

    Funny stuff indeed. But just FYI for future reference, you might like to know, if ever a collection agency calls you (whether for your debt or someone else’s…) you have the right by federal law to inform them they have to conduct all communication in writing from that point forward.

    If they call you one more time, then you can SUE them for damages for violating the FDCPA…

    BTW Beks: I lived and worked in Santee, and in fact, in the construction industry, for about 7 years, before moving to North County S.D. Saw that in your “about us” section, thought it was interesting. My old stomping grounds…

    Cool blog!

  • Reply Beks |

    SDC – Good to know if they call again. It’s an aweful feeling – especially when you haven’t done anything wrong! Funny you lived here. I love Santee!

  • Reply Paula |

    Unfortunately, funny stories about debt collectors are too rare. Normally it’s on the opposite end.

    Great story.

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