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Demanding Satisfaction…


I mentioned my disappointment with the Target brand sunblock in my Picks and Pans last week. Fern, a savvy reader, suggested I contact the company and share my disappointment.

Well, I didn’t want to take an empty can of sunblock back to the store so I wrote an e-mail to Target. It was friendly and praising of their other products but asked for them to consider dropping or changing this particular product.

I didn’t expect to hear anything…

But I did.

Target wrote me an incredibly friendly e-mail and promised to look into my complaint. Two short days later, I received a full refund and yet another friendly letter in the mail.

I have always been a HUGE Target fan. They donate to local charities, have impressive customer service, and they save my budget every month. Add this surprisingly friendly response and…

Target, you have my lifetime stamp of approval.

A special thanks to Fern who let me know that, yes, it’s OK to complain sometimes.


  • Reply fern |

    I’m glad it worked out.

    I must say i left that message shortly after an unsatisfactory lunch at Olive Garden. I emailed them about it and i received a $15 gift card.

    If you have a legitimate grip, i think most reputable companies will seek to keep you as a cusstomer.

  • Reply Jayma |

    I am so glad to hear that some people at Target care about their customers. This was not the case in my situation. Several years ago, I had purchased a storage cabinet for my mom as a Christmas gift (which she never opened). She entered the hospital a week after Christmas and passed away two weeks later. In my grief, it took me a while to get around to returning the cabinet. I missed the 90-day deadline by two days. Even with my receipt, they would not make an exception, even after I explained the situation. I was told that if I had been dishonest and claimed to have lost my receipt, they would honor the return. What? Dishonesty over the truth? I don’t think so! I was so upset that we emailed corporate and was politely told that although they were sorry about my mom, death was not a valid reason for them to make an exception. Now, I understand that there are rules for a reason, but come on…shouldn’t there really be an exception to some rules? Unfortunately, I love Target, but they are my last stop after the rude attitude they had regarding this situation.

    I’m glad your situation was a positive one.

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