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Surviving Layoffs… Again.


Sorry for the quiet this morning. I was a bit nervous… they were doing layoffs at work today. I still have 18 more days to survive before I’m safe but most of the layoffs were conducted this morning.

I can breathe a temporary sigh of relief.

I keep hearing about layoffs across the country. I lost my job when the business closed 7 months ago, my husband’s company is on the brink, and my new job is unstable. My father and brother are without jobs. Are we just in bad industries or are you struggling to keep your job too?


  • Reply FrugalMe |

    Good luck Beks. It certainly is not an easy thing to be going through. I know since I was once there.

  • Reply Abby |

    I’m fortunate to work for the government. But my husband’s job? Yikes. Every time he calls from his office, I’m sure he’s about to report that it’s finally happened.

  • Reply brooklynchick |

    I think its also somewhat regional. My friends in Philly don’t seem to be feeling it. My company laid off two people so far, with a few more to come. My mom was laid off in December and found another job right away, thank god. Out of her 25 colleagues who also lost their jobs in December, only 7 or 8 have landed somewhere else.

    Yikes. Makes the emergency fund more than theoretical!

  • Reply E.D. |

    DH and I are also in the Philly area, and not feeling it much. I have taken one furlough this year (resulting in a 4% pay cut) and will probably take another 2-4%. There are jobs here if you are willing to make connections and dig hard.

  • Reply Joy Smith |

    My husband was laid off in March. I’m barely surviving as is, but I work online and have a wonderful client at the moment.

  • Reply JLR |

    I just got a lay off notice too. I have 20 business days left. I was an office manager for an architect. We had done well when our industry started the slow down and then still did ok when things got mired in goo. But for the company to survive, half of us had to go.

    I am starting a business services company and my boss will probably be my first client. I am hoping I can really make a go of this. It’s very scary realize the safety net was removed without being noticed.

  • Reply Beks |

    It seems like these losses are creating a lot more small, independent businesses. Interesting. My father is creating his own business as well. I hope for the best for everyone.

    Abby – I work for the government. Unfortunately, it’s not safe here either. I wish it were!

  • Reply Chris Leow |

    We in Malaysia are enjoying high growth and high inflation, I do not understand all this complaining. We have to thank China for our strong growth as our economy was going down until March 2009 and China rescued us by buying our commodities. Currently there is strong job market, 2 jobs for every worker, we have to import in foreign labour to do jobs that locals do not want to do ! We have high inflation, an example is a local dessert called “cendol” selling for $1.20 in local currency a month ago, is now selling for $ 1.80 in local currency. Thats a hefty increase, so don’t complain, enjoy the boom ! If you need money just job hop to a higher salary like what we are doing in Malaysia, life is good !

  • Reply mv |

    @Chris Leow – things may be well in Malaysia, but they certainly aren’t in the U.S. – to say “…don’t complain, enjoy the boom ! If you need money just job hop to a higher salary like what we are doing in Malaysia, life is good !” isn’t exactly accurate for the rest of the world. The U.S. is in the midst of the greatest recession (depression?) since the Great Depression of the 30s. Very high numbers of unemployment and for the most part, people don’t enjoy the ability to “job hop to a higher salary”. That might have been the case several years ago, but it’s certainly not the case today. At least not in many parts of the U.S., especially depending what industry you’re in. Europe is also experiencing similar economic troubles as is the U.S. (since many of their banks/investors) purchased many toxic debt securities and what not. Asia may not be feeling the economic pinch at the moment, but Europe and North America are. Please read some world news and educate yourself on world events outside of Malaysia before writing a comment such as yours in a U.S.-based blog that speaks directly about personal finance situations in the U.S.

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