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Over Budget…


Confession time…

We went over budget by $90 this weekend.

I wish I could say it was on something important like an investment, a donation to the cancer society, or giving to help a military family but…

The $90 was spent on 5 flats of chicken thighs, 3 bags of charcoal, 4 fruit pies, green salad… and a round of golf.

My husband threw two hefty BBQ’s this weekend and went golfing with his brothers.

Fortunately, we both worked extra hours last week so we didn’t fall behind – in fact, we still came out ahead. Sometimes, inviting friends over to enjoy smoked chicken and homemade pies is worth it – especially when your BBQ is interrupted by an unexpected 20 minute fireworks show.

We sang Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Joni while playing Rock Band late into the night.

I’ve been wonderfully budget conscious for months; I hope you can forgive this exception.

How was your holiday? Any budget hiccups?


  • Reply Maggie |

    Hey Beck, I hope you cherish the memories of those cookouts. Sometimes a controlled splurge like that helps quell other splurges.

    I impulsivley picked-up the new Wii “Game” EA Active. I checked it out yesterday and this morning rolled out of bed at 5 AM to strat my first workout with it. I am excited about it’s 30 day challenge program. The workout I did was full of variety, easy to follow and had me sweating. I am looking forward to working out tomorrow.

  • Reply Michelle |

    Memories are just as important as paying off debt. I’ve been struggling myself with that recently too, but hey – you’re ahead, not further behind and it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Besides – if you had leftovers, how awesome is that?

  • Reply GrannyAnnie |

    I went over budget, too. I went over to Wally World and spent $200 on things we needed, only I went ahead and got the BIG sizes. I had not planned to do that. I was able to take the money from other categories and adjust my savings, so I didn’t go negative with it, thank God. I have to look at my behavior, though, because I most certainly had a case of “heck with it, I’m gettin it!” Sometimes I get TIRED of focusing on debt reduction. I scare myself when I’m in those moods. Gotta pick myself back up and have a few “no spend” days, and work overtime a couple extra hours. That usually helps me get back on track. And getting the big sizes at Wally World will hopefully reduce the amount I spend in the coming weeks.

  • Reply Honey |

    My boyfriend and I went to Vegas with a friend of mine from college and her husband. We spent a lot, but we’d budgeted for that.

    $350 flights
    $200 hotel
    $225 show tickets
    $225 club tickets
    $600 in spending money for me, $1000 for him

    Ordinarily I would feel bad, but 1) this is my absolute best friend, and I hadn’t seen her in a year and a half, 2) we used to go to Vegas two or three times a year, but it’s been a year and a half since our last visit, and 3) I got a fantastic tax return this year that paid for my whole trip AND paid almost a thousand dollars toward my credit card debt. I’m now under $6K (I was at about $20K a year ago)!

  • Reply Lucy |

    Holidays are the worst time for me. Even though I put myself on a strict budget for all other times of the year, I always feel like I need to buy the extra decorations rather than use what I have or get that expensive party tray instead of making it myself. I went way over budget this weekend and I am feeling bad for it. Just found this blog and I’m really enjoying it. Great to read that their are others just like me! Please visit my page to read my story!

  • Reply Rags |

    Sometimes, you need to break the budget to remind you of what life really is about: cherishing the time spent with friends and family. Life isn’t always about the money.

    – Rags

  • Reply Moneywinks |

    I think it was good that you enjoyed the weekend and spent a little money. I am sure you had a great time with family and friends. Great job on paying off all that debt!

  • Reply Nicole |

    Oooh, that sounds delightful! I wish I could be your friend and eat that yummy food:)

  • Reply emmi |

    Yeah, the cookout/parties can break the bank. I get in a different mode when shopping for entertaining and don’t budget well at all.

    I didn’t write up a really specific shopping list and bought a lot of “might want this”. Next time I’ll do that.

  • Reply Confused |

    I noticed Moneywinks said, “Great job on paying off all that debt!”. Is this another person getting confused because you took over Tricia’s blog and her info is still posted? Or am I missing something and you paid off a chunk of debt?

  • Reply brooklynchick |

    it happens! Life (hopefully) is long, we all slip up! Glad you had fun!

  • Reply Lizzie |

    I have really hard time budgeting for entertaining guests and having parties. I am so last minute with everything, I think that is part of the problem! Maybe planning ahead and knowing when I’m going to have an event would be helpful. 🙂

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