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National News Show is Looking for Someone to Talk About Student Debt and the Recession


I was contacted by Elyse who works for the show NOW on PBS. They are looking for someone to interview for the show, but they are looking for someone specific:

The national news show NOW on PBS is looking for a student graduate who is in debt, about $50,000 or more, and fits one of the following two profiles:

1) A recent graduate (0-2 years out, give or take) who has been unable to find a job in his or her chosen profession because of the recession and is having difficulty or is totally unable to make their student loan payments.

2) Someone with an advanced degree who is about 5 years out of school and has been hit hard by the recession – possibly lost his or her job or is woefully underemployed, maybe trying to support a family, who is considering bankruptcy.

If you are interested in being interviewed for a documentary that will look at the student loan and recession crisis in the US, please contact us right away. The show will air on Channel 13 in late May, so
we’d need to hear from you immediately. Please contact Elyse Eisenberg at NOW – (212) 560 8567- if you are interested in doing the interview. You can also send an email to – eisenberge@thirteen.org.

Please contact Elyse if interested in talking about your story.

So, what do you think ?