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A Big Welcome to Rebekah!!


If you haven’t yet, make sure you read this post from Rebekah – the new Blogging Away Debt blogger. No, we haven’t paid the rest of our credit card debt off yet – but we’re almost there. Beks and I will be blogging side by side for a while as we work to finish off the last of our credit card debt.

It feels very weird having someone else blog on here. At the same time, it’s very exciting! My dream for this blog was to have it do exactly what is happening – it will always have someone blogging away their debt – someone starting and then finishing their debt reduction journey.

I think all of you will love Beks and I know she will love all of you. You have been amazing, and even intuitive at times. When I happened to be down, I’d get an email that would help lift me up. Words cannot express how very thankful I am. I have been very, very fortunate with all of you.

Welcome aboard, Beks!!! 🙂


  • Reply Rebekah |

    Thanks! Glad to be here! It’s been such a pleasure reading your journey over the years! I’m sad (but happy for you financially) to see you go!

  • Reply Unchana |

    I like your blog, it is good to share some idea. I am Thai people and I have some debt in Thailand. I try to searching some idea to start to blog away debt too.

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