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The Long Winter is Getting To Me


Every winter the same thing happens…I start getting sick of it and start getting down in the dumps. I’m not sure if it is seasonal affective disorder related, but I did look into full spectrum lamps. In the winter we do not get that much sunlight so perhaps that could help perk up the whole family a bit.

The price tag kept me away from doing that. So I went low-tech and went shopping for house plants. Perhaps if we had a few green living plants in our house that would help. As luck would have it, one store had some on 50% off clearance so I snatched up 4 hanging plants. They cost $20, so I am going to consider it a reward for quitting caffeine.

It’s amazing what some plants can do to a home. It just perks up the place. When there is just a sea of white outside, having a little sanctuary of green in the home is just what I needed. This summer I am going to hit some garage sales to see if I can find more pots so I can split up the plants I got. Then we can see how next winter goes. I’ll probably still get sick of it, but hopefully won’t feel down in the dumps.


  • Reply C.C. |

    I agree! Plants or any greenery makes me happy. I have a couple plants and at my parent’s house we have a nice garden. Whenever I’m feeling unsure or depressed, I just stare at them and in an instant I feel better.. It’s cheaper than retail therapy..

  • Reply Mr Plasectomy |

    Hang in there, you are almost out of it! Technically spring is right around the corner, soon it will be 50 degrees for a high and the trees will begin to bud with leaves late April. I believe you said you lived in the Northeast somewhere?

    We just received notices at work for an order of daffodils to benefit a cancer foundation. A great opportunity to get a nice potted plant and help out an organization, a win-win situation. If you can handle the scent of the flowers daffodils and tulips are right around the corner and they should brighten a day too.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Mr Plasectomy – I’m in the Midwest, but where I live is known for long winters. We will be fortunate if we see the grass in April. Usually things get green in May.

  • Reply Maire |

    Consider taking Vitamin D-3 a couple times a week. It’s the “so-called” sunshine vitamin. Helps me thru the winters.

  • Reply jolie |

    I hear you! This is the coldest winter we’ve had in a long time and we are working on 11 weeks of temps between -25C and -48C (factoring in wind chill). The radio said the community an hour north of us is -50C with the wind this morning. Blech.

    Bring on spring and gentle warmth and leaves and flowers.

  • Reply dogatemyfinances |

    I bought one of those lamps when I was a poor student, depressed by the dark winter. It was the best purchase I made!

    I bet you can get some on Craigslist in the spring. But I really think that lamp was worth every penny.

  • Reply celticbuffy |

    I spent about $200 on a SAD lamp last November and I think it has been worth it. Not only do I use it just about every day, I noticed how down and tired I felt on the days I didn’t use it. Now my mother has one and so does my Grandpa and they both are happy they spent the money also. It’s been a good investment for our family.

  • Reply Eddie |

    I’m a skeptical type of guy, and often felt depressed as winter wore on (New England; it’s easy), but about 5 years ago my Doctor suggested using a few of the full-spectrum bulbs, especially at my computer desk and at the chair where I read.

    Maybe it’s part psychological too, but after a few years of those bulbs at the two main area’s where I sit, I’m now just often annoyed at winter, rather than really bummin’.

    To add a sidenote – I have yet to have to replace any of them (knock wood) due to burning out.

  • Reply Ian |

    Hang in there. March is only a week a way. While it may seem a long way until May it is really only about 9 weeks away!

  • Reply Karen |

    I used to get “SAD” when I lived in Ohio (I’m in Texas now). I’d spring for the lamp. Also I agree about the vitamin D. It is an epidemic shortage and causes lots of issues and can possibly be linked to things like depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Reply emmi |

    We broke down and bought a serious sunlamp (the kind you need goggles for). Just five minutes at a time, but man you do feel better and like celticbuffy, you do notice the days you skip, so it must be doing something. I try to get real sunshine when possible (going out to shovel on sunny days with big mittens and sleeves rolled up) but you just can’t manage that every day, or even weekly sometimes.

    Wasn’t cheap tho. I think our package was $350. It was a christmas present to ourselves and I don’t regret it at all. I’d trade most everything in for being happy all the time, no hesitation.

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