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Ask the Readers – Online Grocery Coupon Sites


I received an email from a reader asking me if I knew anything about the following online coupon sites:

SmartSource.com – browse the listed coupons and select ones to print from your printer (although you need to download their coupon printer).

Shortcuts.com – browse the listed coupons and select ones to have connected to your grocery card (at stores like Kroger, Ralphs and QFC).

I’ve looked at SmartSource.com before, but dismissed it since we purchase so many generic brands and I wasn’t organized enough to shop name brand sales with coupons (although, we are getting more organized to be able to do this with our grocery price book!). With Shortcuts.com, I don’t have any of the participating stores near me so I can’t try that one.

Do any of you have comments about the above sites? Do you have suggestions for other online grocery coupon sites? If you are a blogger who has written a review about the above sites, please feel free to link to your post in the comments.

The reader thanks you in advance! 🙂


  • Reply c.c. |

    I check out Coupons.com before I go on a grocery run to see if there’s any coupons I can use.. It’s OK. Also sometimes if there’s things I sort of need (like Visine for instance), I visit their official website and look for an offer page. I’m trying to be more coupon-saavy this year

  • Reply MrPlasectomy |

    We have never used coupons because like you we buy mostly generic items. It is rare for us to buy anything brand name, but I would imagine with the right coupon the brand name item would be less than its generic counterpart.

    Smartsource has coupons we could use, shortcuts.com is not available in our area. Another good idea if it is available to you is the thegrocerygame.com. You can get a $1 trial to see if it would work for you. The idea is that the site will match that weeks coupons found in the sunday paper to the best deal offered by the local supermarket/drugstore including the store that offer to double the coupon discount.

    I love the idea of the grocery price book and need to really do this so we know when the price is a great price and when it is a dud.


  • Reply Nicole |

    Coupons.com is great

    BettyCrocker.com runs great coupons for General Mills products, but you must sign up for an account with them (it’s free; just have to be willing to share your address/email/etc.) Our local stores run great deals on GM cereals, so it’s saved me a bundle

  • Reply Dealodile |

    A number of us have just been putting the finishing touches on a UK coupon website – http://deal85.com – you can use a lot of coupons online too, so you don’t even need to print them out. With retailers feeling the pinch at the moment, there are a lot of great bargains out there and, assuming you actually need what you buy, you can save quite a bit of money by taking advantage of coupons and vouchers.

  • Reply Shonda |

    Check out http://www.refundcents.com. They have an awesome website that they list current rebates and coupons on as well as a chat room that allows you to talk about great deals you have found. It’ll make you change your mind about using coupons!

  • Reply JvW |

    I have used http://www.smartsource.com with much success. I also like coupons.com. I have never had any issues with the coupon printer they require you to download onto your computer, and I have installed it on a few computers.

    With most coupon sites, you can only print 2 copies of the coupon per computer, but if you have access to multiple computers, then you can get more! I have used work computers and my parent’s computer to maximize some really good deals.

  • Reply Andrea |

    I use smartsource.com, and when I use coupons.com I actually go through mypoints.com so I get coupons, and I get points for using them. Penny Pincher Gazette sends me coupons as well, and I can always find different ones in each.

    I do get worried though because I’ve heard rumors about stores not wanting to use computer printed coupons due to fraud concerns.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Thank you everyone for the feedback!

    Danielle – the printer was the one thing the reader was concerned about downloading. Thanks for the head’s up that you had troubles with it.

  • Reply Heather |

    I have used both Smartsource.com and Coupons.com. Both are good websites for printing coupons, but the coupons vary depending on the current offers. Shortcuts.com is easy to use, but you have to be near a Kroger Company store (i.e King Soopers, Fry’s, Kroger, etc.) Cellfire.com offers downloadable coupons to your grocery card plus other coupons for local stores. P&G eSaver, http://www.pgesaver.com, offers you the opportunity to download coupons for their products for both Kroger Company stores as well as Safeway stores.

  • Reply Cindy |

    I have found it easier to buy coupons in bulk from TheCouponClippers.com or ebay. These are real coupons and it save s me a lot of time. Plus I don’t have to worry about the store not accepting printed coupons, which many in my area don’t.

So, what do you think ?