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This is So Sad


Sometimes you read something and it makes you sick to your stomach.

New York Times Article

A 34 year-old Walmart temp employee was killed by Black Friday shoppers when they rushed into the store and trampled him.

Like I mentioned, it makes me sick to my stomach. Those people wanted deals so bad that regard for human life went out the window. I don’t get it! What is so important about stuff that you trample people to get what you want? I think there is plenty of blame here. There could have been more security, there could be a different system for controlling crouds – but it all comes back down to the people outside of those doors. Their behavior was unacceptable and I hope they are held accountable for what they did. It’s just stuff!

If anyone from that man’s family happens to read this, I offer you my deepest sympathies for your loss.


  • Reply ReddH |

    I felt the same way when I read that article.

    I really hope that they determine the people responsible and make them accountable for their behavior. Stories like this are the reason that I choose not to go to stores on Black Friday. I don’t like to contribute to the situations that occur.

    My heart goes out to this mans family.

  • Reply Margot |

    Yes, this is disgusting. For me, it was a huge statement about how America’s financial situation isn’t as bad as everyone is whining about. Apparantly, people are still willing to spend money on “wants” that they will line up at a Walmart for ages and then trample over other people to get inside. Even after the death, people kept shopping and wouldn’t listen to police orders to clear the space!!! Shoppers whined that they had “waited in line for hours” when they were asked to clear the area and then they tried to keep shopping! So gross. We as a people have a huge “stuff” problem, shopping problem and consuming problem. This tragedy illustrates it well.

  • Reply Jade Cow |

    I also felt the same way when reading this article. Especially when juxtaposed with the coverage of the terrorist attacks in India, it makes you wonder what is happening to humanity.

  • Reply Frugalchick |

    That’s insane! I hate going to Black Fridays because of this mob mentality, it could be deadly just like this incident. I’m deeply saddened for this man’s family.

  • Reply Colleen in MA |

    I too was so saddened by this. It’s horrific that this can happen. I’m so sorry for that man and his family. How can this happen? I’ve been purposely not shopping on Black Friday for years now and this just reinforces my distaste for that day.

  • Reply Neko |

    I can’t help but feel that Wal-Mart is partially to blame. I hope that they take responsibility for the employees death and take care of the family.

  • Reply MrClean |

    Yes, It is terrible to see how man is truly depraved. We are all naturally inclined to want what we want and when we want it. To blame Wal-Mart takes the focus off of the problem. The problem is mankind is focused on self and not on God. For those who are genuine Christians, we are grieving for the family who are experiencing this loss during the season when we are to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, his ministry and sacrifice to saved those lost sinners who (repent)turn away from their sins and (believe) and entirely depend, trust and lean on Jesus Christ alone to save them from their sins and judgement to come by a Holy and Righteous God. May God reveal to all who can see and hear the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shalom

  • Reply Dawn |

    Here there is a story that a woman punched another woman out for a computer. I entered the store shortly after it supposedly happened. (I went about 2 hours after opening.) I wonder if people remember the horrible things they did to acquire these treasures whenever they look at the merchandise. Maybe its not always about the stuff but about winning and being the “best.”

    Have a safe shopping season 🙂

  • Reply Grace |

    For those who are genuine Christians, we are grieving for the family who are experiencing this loss during the season when we are to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ…

    Oh, and so those you don’t consider “genuine” Christians, or Christians at all, can’t also grieve or feel sick over this unfortunate death/tragedy?

    Hmmm…you must be one of those “born-again” Christians, who think they’re better than everybody, and nobody else can feel or do anything unless you say it’s OK. I’m sorry but this comment just rubbed me the wrong way. Why did you have to bring Christianity into this? This is a tragedy, pure and simple.

  • Reply Joy Smith |

    Just how idiotic can people get??? What’s even worse is this was quoted from the article: “When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling, ‘I’ve been on line since yesterday morning,’ ” Ms. Cribbs told The Associated Press. “They kept shopping.”

    How is a life more important than shopping for bargains???? I love bargains too, but that is just insane!!!!! 🙁

  • Reply Lisa |

    Gimme a break!

    This isn’t about the people who waited in line, this is about IRRESPONSIBLE RETAILERS like Walmart who BAIT the masses by saying “OOOOOOOh there’s only 4 of these MUST HAVE items, and only the first 4 through the door will get one!” If these retailers really wanted to, they could order a larger amount of the said item and make it available all weekend…..but NO they want people to BURST through the doors….well this is what you get.

    The people in the back of the line had NO WAY of knowing what was happening in the front of the line.

    Out here in Fresno two years ago, Best Buy REFUSED to open their doors because of the danger of the situation. The Riot Police were called in to restore order. Congrats to Best Buy for having properly trained workers, and a thumb up the @$$ to WalMart for (once again) valuing the dollar over human existence.

    And to the ‘true Christian’–your remarks are disgusting.

    A word of advice to everyone else–teach your family to avoid mobs at all costs. Tragedies always happen.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Lisa – I do believe there is enough blame to go around. The whole Black Friday thing actually promotes some sense of rushing to stores for the best deals.

    To me, it doesn’t diminish the blame on the people in that crowd. It seems like it has become too acceptable to push past others to get what you want.

    This one of many reasons why we live where we do. I went to one Black Friday sale a few years ago at store opening and another shopper actually held the door open for me and a few others before going into the store himself.

  • Reply Jessica |

    The whole thing is pretty disgusting. It’s the cycle of industry baiting consumers and consumers eating it up. I might agree with Lisa if people didn’t notice that a man had fallen, but these people broke down the doors, which is how he got trampled. No one in the history of the planet will ever need a plasma TV bad enough to break property, even if it is the property of the store to blame for the rush. People in impoverished war torn countries wait in line patiently for food, and we trample a man for a TV. I find the whole thing disgusting. Put down you sales ads and go find a hobby people.

  • Reply John |

    Wow… I only saw the end of this story on the news over the weekend, I didn’t know someone died, until reading this.

    See this is why mobs are dangerous…and the only option is to recognize the danger and steer clear. truly. While sickeningly tragic, other than for being in the situation, you can’t blame each person through that door. Have you ever been in a situation with that many people? All you can do is move with the flow. Pressed that close, do you think anyone knew what they were stepping on? You can’t see your own feet… all you see are shoulders of other people… you can’t stay still. You can’t stop. They are very dangerous situations, and I am a 6′ male and 200 lbs.

    The above post about the saintly poor, waiting in line for food was written by someone who has never spent time in mob situations in foreign countries. Mobs are mobs. I can recall them in India, in Iraq, in western Europe…

    That all being said, what a sad commentary about society.

So, what do you think ?