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Earn Money For Your School


I have to thank Frugal Babe for this awesome tip on how you can help a school and it doesn’t cost you any extra.

Since we have a son in school, we are familiar with the Box Tops for Education program. You clip the coupons from products that have them. Give them to your school and then they will receive 10 cents for each one submitted. We have collected some for the school, but we mostly make things from scratch now and we rarely come across the box tops. But there is another we can help.

If you go to BoxTops4Education.com, you can sign up and then shop at their marketplace. A portion of your purchase will go towards the school of your choice. There are many retailers in their marketplace – maybe one of the places you like to shop online is listed.

If you were going to shop there anyway, it’s an easy way to help a school.

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    It is very interesting that earning for school.It’s a great job for earning for school.Thanks for sharing.

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