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Getting Out and Enjoying the Show


Where I live, October brings a fabulous color show. There have been years where we missed it due to our work schedules. Lately, though, we have been trying to get out more and well, live a little. Last weekend was basically peak fall color time so we went cruising and did a little hiking. We were not disappointed. I said I would share a pic if I had any pretty ones. I do have one, and here it is.

I wish I could take a picture and it would capture the moment exactly like my eyes saw it. In person, the colors were so vibrant and the sky was light blue. It was a beautiful weekend. Before we know it, the fall color will fade and be replaced by a blanket of white snow.

Then we can go out sledding and snowshoeing 🙂


  • Reply Krystin |

    That is a gorgeous sight. One that I miss. In VA we’re still seeing mostly green. I’m originally from Ontario and would love the different colours around this time. Of course, I also remember it was so cold one Halloween there was a chance for snow! 😀

  • Reply Tricia |

    We have a joke around here that your Halloween costume needs to fit over a snow suit. So far, we haven’t had snow on Halloween, but we do need to fit a costume over a winter coat 🙂

  • Reply Budget Mama |

    I definitely don’t see colors like that anymore since living in NorCal the past 9 years. Those colors are stunning!!!

  • Reply nancy |

    Wow,just Beautiful! I was just talking to a co- worker yesterday. The sun is just soo over rated in So Cal! I want a real fall! : )

  • Reply Seth |

    When I was younger I didn’t like autumn… Now I think I grew up enough to appreciate it 🙂 Thanks for the photo.

  • Reply thisisbeth |

    This might seem to be an aside, but it’s not: My dad and younger brother are both colorblind. As far as they’re concerned, fall leaves are brown and yellow. My mom, little sister, and older brother all enjoy the delights of the beautiful reds and oranges along with the greens, browns, and yellows. We get an extra free pleasure out of autumn.

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