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Tinkering Tricia Did Not Strike Again LOL


On Friday, I tried logging into my blog and I couldn’t. I would enter my login info, hit enter, and then it would keep redirecting and redirecting trying to get to my blog but it would time out. I wasn’t locked out of my site completely, but I couldn’t get into my blog.

I tinker, and I admit that I often goof things up when I tinker. Tinkering Tricia…that’s me. But I didn’t tinker this time and something broke. That meant I had no clue how to fix it. I hit the web looking for answers and came up empty.

This site has been hosted with Dreamhost ever since I left my blogspot.com address back in July of 2006. I’ve been very pleased with them. They have always been quick to answer my emails and in this case, they were really quick and really helpful. They found the problem (it was a plugin) and got me up and running again. I was starting to feel uneasy for a while there. This blog was hacked once before, and since I didn’t tinker before things broke – I was starting to wonder if it was hacked again.

I usually don’t do this, but I have to say…if you are starting a blog and want to host it yourself, look into Dreamhost. Their price is awesome and their support is superb. If you do happen to sign up for an account for them, you can save $50 by using this link and using code GIVEME50. You’ll save $50 and I make $47 (it goes towards my hosting costs). That’s the highest discount that can be given with a code. You can also see if one of your favorite bloggers has a code and you can use theirs to help support their site.

To Dreamhost – thank you!!!

And with that, it’s a little late now to write a regular post so I’m going to bed. I’ll catch everyone up on a few things tomorrow 🙂

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  • Reply Prince of Thrift |

    glad you were able to figure out the problem with your log in.

    Several times I have thought about hosting my own blog, but I am hesitant about going from free to paid service.

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