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Frugal Family Fun – Bike Riding


Before we go any further, I have a proud mommy-moment to share. I was coming home from the doctor’s the other day and saw a child riding a bike near my house. I first thought it was my son, but then I noticed that there were no training wheels. So it wasn’t him. Wait – that’s his helmet. Oh my…it was my son! And he was riding without training wheels!

I parked the car, and yelled to him, “Aren’t you missing something?” He smiled ear to ear. I gave him a hug. I was so proud of him. He had been riding well with his training wheels, but he was scared to try it without so we didn’t pressure him. I guess he wanted to give it a shot, and off he went leaving his training wheels far behind.

All morning yesterday, my son was asking, “When are we going bike riding?” He had to go out again and stretch his bike riding legs. So we went out riding for a few hours and had a blast. That night, he wanted to go out again. He reminded me of Forrest Gump – when he was able to run without the braces on his legs, he ran everywhere. My son now wants to bike everywhere since he no longer needs his training wheels. He is so proud and mom and dad are so proud too. This opens up some great frugal fun since there are plenty of biking trails where we live. All three of us can go out and enjoy them and my son can enjoy his training wheel freedom.

“I’m free…I can go anywhere!”

Sometimes the things that kids say are so cute 🙂


  • Reply Big Winner |

    Congratulations to your son on riding a bike without training wheels! It’s awesome you have a bike trail near your house. There’s a couple trails and walking paths in my hometown and while I didn’t own a bike, I enjoyed being outside.

  • Reply creditcardfree |

    My daughter finally just took the plunge and is now riding without training wheels, too. Turns out she started riding on the same day that DH and I bought our bikes! If only we’d known, we would have bought them sooner.

  • Reply Matt |

    I’m looking forward to these moments – its these moments that really stick out as the good ones. I’m looking forward to becoming a dad.

  • Reply Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck |

    Congrats to you and your son. My oldest daughter is just now mastering dribbling a soccer ball and has not yet reached the bicycle but, like you, I can totally relate to many an incredible free moment, like swinging on a swing together and singing “Row, Row Your Boat” at the top of our lungs.

    You don’t have to spend much to have an incredible memory. Kids know that. Adults forget.

  • Reply Budget Mama |

    Awww, that is a proud moment. Good for him! I know the feeling my son finally peddled his trike last month, it was such a proud moment.

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