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Open Call for ING Savings Referral Links #2


There is a great bonus at ING Direct where you can earn $25 for opening up a new ING Orange Savings account with at least $250. To get that bonus, you need to use someone’s referring link.

EDIT: Thanks! I have enough links for right now. I will be updating this post as I work through the links so you can keep an eye on it to know when I’ll be asking for more. πŸ™‚

I have been out of my links for a while, so I host ING Orange Savings referral links for others on my referral page. Every now and then I ask for more referrals on here so I can keep up the supply. The last time I did it was in April.

Very important – please do not send me ING links now and do not post them in the comments.

If you are interesting in having me host some ING links for you, please leave a comment below saying “I’m interested”. Once I get a good list going, I will close off this post to new comments and that will be all until next time when I need more.

As I need to refill my links, I will go through the comments on this post and will contact you when it is your turn (I’ve been asking for three links). I will note my progress along the way so you will know when your turn is approaching in case you want to keep track, or if you are curious when I will be asking for more again.

For the specifics here, the owners of the links receive $10 from ING when their link is used and I do not receive any of that. I do this to give back since I have been fortunate to have mine used thanks to my blog. I cannot guarantee that your link will be used before it expires and I cannot guarantee that your link will be used correctly. I am agreeing to post your link on my referrals page and while I hope someone uses them correctly so you earn the bonus – I cannot guarantee it.

As a reminder, please do not post referral links in the comments! I will contact you when it is your turn to send me some.

Please just leave a comment saying you are interested. If for some reason you submit a comment and don’t see it right away – please contact me and I’ll fish it out of my spam filter (it gets a bit hungry sometimes).



  • Meagan |

    I’m interested if you need them.

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and links posted.]

  • Amanda |

    I’m interested in sending some ING referrals along!

    Thanks so much!

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and links posted.]

  • Ron |

    I’m interested in doing this again!

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and links posted.]

  • andrew |

    I am interested in doing this! thanks!

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and no links left.]

  • seth |

    I’m interested!!!

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and links posted.]

  • Andrea |

    I’m interested.

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed and links posted.]

  • Dreamy1 |

    I’m interested! I have both EO and regular savings referrals. πŸ™‚

    [EDIT BY TRICIA: Emailed]