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WWMD, Forever Stamps and Tax Rebate Scams


I’m a little behind in my blog reading, so I took a quick stroll through my blog feeds to find a few articles I thought you would find interesting.

Arduous asks WWMD? (What Would MacGyver Do?) MacGyver was one of my favorite shows while growing up.

MBH wrote about forever stamps and how you are paying for choice. I also found out that the price of stamps is going up May 12.

Lastly, Prime Time Money talks about tax rebate scams. It’s a shame that things like that happen.

This week, be prepared to hear a little more from me. I’m probably going to take a little break tomorrow and then starting on Monday I am going to catch up on a lot of things on here and answer some questions from comments that have been left. So if you have something on your mind that you would like to ask, feel free to do so in the comments.


So, what do you think ?