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Motivation for the Weekend – More Bloggers Who Have Paid Off Their Debt


Back in February of 2007, I listed some bloggers who captured that sweet moment of debt payoff while blogging about it. Well, it’s time to update that list with a few more inspirational success stories:

Debt Hater – $16,000 in credit card debt

I started this blog about three years ago in a panic. I was nearly $16G in credit card debt AND I had a nearly new car payment, new job and new expenses. Two jobs, two moves and the same car later, and I did it.

I messed up A LOT on the way.

I didn’t always do the brilliant financial thing.

Brainy Smurf – $28,000 in credit card debt

Today, it’s 100% gone.

The hockey jerseys are paid for. The vinyl siding is paid for. The roof is paid for. The furnace is paid for. The computers are paid for. The camera equipment is paid for. The BMW is paid for. Even the $7k vacation nearly a decade ago is paid for…

The Bizzaros – $24,700 in credit card debt

The Bizarros are out of debt. And have been for a about a month. I wanted to learn how to run up a tree and do a flip to celebrate, and I had planned to do the research, but let’s face it, I’m just not a tree-flipper.

Here are the bloggers from the previous list:

Defying Debt in 2 Years – $30,000 in debt

“I appreciate how I learned who my true friends are and how you can pretty accurately judge a person based on how they treat people who don’t wear fancy clothes or flash their money around. I appreciate the freedom that comes when you don’t have to struggle paycheck to paycheck to survive. I truly appreciate all the things that you can buy with money because I lived so long without having much.”

Beyond Broke – $29,000 in student loan debt

“It’s over, I finally did it.

I am debt free.

This means my paycheques are finally mine. They’re not earmarked to send to someone else. I can now put it straight into a savings account where I’m paid interest instead of being charged it!!”

No Credit Needed – $11,510.22 – various types of debt

“Free at last, free at last, it’s hard to believe but it feels so good, I am Free at last!

Bye, Bye Ford Motor Credit! Bye Bye Chase and Citi! Bye, Bye Credit Card Companies!!! Bye, Bye! Bye, Bye MasterCard and Visa! BYE, BYE!!!”


  • Reply Anna |

    Wow! Truly inspirational. Must feel great to be debt free. Hopefully one day, I too will be able to say that I am 100% debt free!

  • Reply Debt Consolidation |

    I went through the painful process of paying off my debt from 2002 until mid 2007. That entire time I had live on 30% less that I was earning and completely refrain from any purchases using new debt. It was painful, but it was worht it!

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