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Net Worth Update – Up 5.87%


I am on the ball this month with a timely update for our net worth. I knew it would be a very nice update with the money we have been able to pay towards our debt lately. I couldn’t wait to plug the numbers into NetWorthIQ so I did it first thing this morning.

As of the end of February, our net worth is now at a -$31,193. We were able to increase it by 5.87%. I am pretty darn happy with this increase. It is the largest monthly increase we have had so far.

As always, you can see how everything is spread out in my NetWorthIQ profile. I stay focused on our credit card debt on here, but we do have some lingering student loans and we have our mortgage.

We’ll see how we do for next month’s update. I’m still in that state of mind πŸ™‚


  • Reply Law Girl |

    Congrats! Are you going to update your savings account to reflect your monthly interest?

  • Reply Law Girl |

    Also, I know you like the monthly boost in the net worth, but aren’t your car and house depreciating? Home prices have plummeted in the last few months.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Law Girl – thanks for the heads-up. I updated my savings account total to the right.

    As for my car, if there was ever a purchase that was an awesome one in our past – it was that car. I check kbb.com every now and then, and the value still hasn’t broken below $5,000. My car has low miles (we don’t have to commute to work) and it is extremely fuel efficient. If gas prices keep rising, I have a feeling the value will stay steady for a while. I really didn’t like that car when we bought it, but it has saved us so much money in terms of fuel and repairs. Our previous vehicle was a gas hog and a money pit.

    As for my home, I keep an eye on real estate in the area. It’s a hobby of mine. Comparable homes are going for more than what I have listed in NetWorthIQ. If we sold our home today, I don’t believe it would sell for less than the value I have listed. We’ve also been doing improvements here and there when we can when the budget allows or we find some material. I haven’t added any value for improvements.

    So I haven’t adjusted either. If we move soon, though, I guess I’ll find out for sure how much our home is worth πŸ™‚

  • Reply Law Girl |

    Cool! I am glad your home and car have kept their value. You are one of the lucky few on that front… Keep blasting that debt! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Give Me Blog |

    Congrats. Come get some free money at my new blog and pay it down even faster.

  • Reply Single Ma |

    Congratulations! You’re doing so well with your debt reduction. I love your dedication. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Thanks, everyone!

    Arduous – expect an update on that in the upcoming weeks as well.

  • Reply Matt |

    Great job! About a year back I had a 5% increase in my net worth one month and I was floored. I see bloggers posting about it every month but to actually see it in your numbers is a completely different story. Keep it up!

  • Reply Brainy Smurf |

    Wow! Way to go! Most folks had a rough go of it in February, but you came through with flying colours…

    At this rate, your CC debt will be gone in a matter of months!

  • Reply Prince of Thrift |

    congratulations. way to go. It will feel even better when that net worth is a positive number.

  • Reply Trees Full of Money |

    Way to go! Get rid of that debt!!!

    There are few feelings better than paying off your last consumer debt! I’m working on the MORTGAGE now but I’ll get there!

  • Reply Dave |

    I’ve been surfing around looking for blogs about debt to help me stay motivated in my journey to financial freedom. Yours is great and congrats on the jump in net worth. I found another one that you might enjoy. There isn’t much on it yet, but the guys has a pretty good sense of humor

  • Reply Dave |

    Sorry, I accidentally hit enter before I gave you the website. Check it out at www.35yearoldloser.blogspot.com

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