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Stop What You Are Doing Right Now and Download a Free Finance Book!


UPDATE: Oprah has removed the free download from her site.

Good. I got your attention. It’s not everyday that you can download an entire book by a well known author. And it’s free!

Oprah has on her site right now a free download of Suze Orman’s “Women and Money”. I don’t know too much about Suze, but it’s a free book and it’s about finance. Even if you only pick up a few tidbits that are helpful – it’s free!

Click on this link to open up the .pdf = http://flv.oprah.com/suze_orman_eng.pdf. Remember that you have to save it to your computer or a flash drive.

You’ll have to do it soon, though. The offer only lasts until 7PM CST on February 14, 2008.

Thanks Beverly for the head’s up! 🙂


  • Reply Toxic Money |

    Oprah rocks!!! I am currently reading Young, Fabulous and Broke and I really like it – it’s good advice for young people. I was extra excited when I found out that I could get Women and Money for free, especially because I planned to buy it, anyway

  • Reply Tina Anderson |

    I agree. Everyone should read this book, and it’s free to download. We women need to learn how to handle our money better in a time when it seems like everyone is spending themselves into debt. Download that book girls!

  • Reply Andrew |


    My wife got the link for me but she did not save it. Unffortunatly my laptop has mind of it own and did not hold it. Did you by any chance get that PDF file? If yes, please send it to me.

    Thank you

  • Reply Tricia |

    Hi Andrew – sorry to hear that your laptop didn’t save the file for you. Unfortunately, it stated on their site that you could download it for your own personal use but you cannot send it to others. That’s because it’s still under copyright.

  • Reply Mayda McFadden |

    I thought I had downloaded the free book from Oprah’s site and your pdf. Apparently I just noticed now that I have to save it of which I also thought I done,,I am using an older version of computer a dinasor and refuse to get a new one until I can afford it! So was left another year with an old one given until then, I guess the settings are straight yet. But I thought I could reopen it from the desktop too and continue on I got to month 4 and had to close it..I can’t get it back..could you allow me another opportunity to finish the book please. And possibly in the Canadian version of rules, as you mentioned it was national but I noticed it mainly for US people only after I got into reading. Really most can be applied as I read along in Canada but would be nice to have this provided as well.
    I used to have one of your books years ago bought and paid for and it’s taken a while for you to come about known to all countries Suze, thanks for the upbeat wake ups to us.

  • Reply Mayda McFadden |

    I somehow lost your book! I left reading it for a while open on my desktop and went back to reopen and it was gone, but I had downloaded before the deadline time matter of fact while show was ending and read for 5 hours.

    Could you provide info of the Canadian rules as well if possible, although mainly relative, you did state this was national but I noticed it mainly written for US clients only.

    Thank you in advance Mayda

  • Reply Tricia |

    Mayda – The link I gave was one directly to Oprah’s site. She was the one giving the book away for free.

    I don’t know about the rules of nationality – you had to look on Oprah’s site for any restrictions. I did notice that there was a Spanish version as well as an English version.

    I personally loaded it up when I was given the link and I tried to open it up today and I didn’t save it. Even after I reminded everyone else to save it – I didn’t – oops! 🙂

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