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Good News…Bad News…Good News…Bad News…


A few days ago, I mentioned that we had some good news…then bad news…then good news…then bad news. Overall, the good news outweighed the bad. It’s funny because given a few more days, the bad news went away.

Good news was that I received a raise. More money is always welcome.

For bad news, my computer decided to shut down and not start back up. A call to our computer repair company with the symptoms resulted in grim news. I wasn’t ready to give up on my computer yet. I used the power of Google to find out that others were saying something else matched my computer’s symptoms. Low and behold, I tried starting the computer again a few days later and it worked. It lives, and I am happy. It could very well konk out again, but at least for now we are saving some money by not having to replace it (and it’s one I’d have to replace because it is a computer I use for work).

In other good news, my husband got another little side job which is a direct result of the temporary work he is doing right now. It’s not a huge project, but it is a project that can bring about good references.

In other bad news, we had a power problem in our home and I’m not looking forward to the repair bill. But, we have money in our savings account that can cover it.

In all, it was an interesting week financially. Makes me wonder what this week will bring 😛


  • Reply Matt |

    I agree the good news outweighed the bad; the computer symptoms do not sound very positive though. Thankfully the price of basic computers has dropped drastically and you can get a refurbished one for even less.

  • Reply tlange |

    Is your computer a DELL?? If so, it doesn’t surprise me. I have a Toshiba laptop, but as soon as we get the money, I am going to a MacBook

  • Reply Tricia |

    Luckily, since it is a work computer there is nothing of value saved on the computer. So, a complete loss would be just a monetary one.

    Nope – it’s not a Dell. A computer company specially made it for me.

    I secretly would like a MacBook, though. My main home computer is an iBook.

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