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Becoming a CFP, The Yard Sale Economy, 2008 Goals and a Guest Post


Mrs. Micah asks, Would You Consider Becoming a CFP? I don’t have an interest in becoming a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), but I really enjoy helping others track their finances with Quicken. I was able to help someone over the phone yesterday and it made my day.

Mighty Bargain Hunter found a very interesting article about predictions about the upcoming yard sale economy.

There were goals all over the personal finance blog-o-sphere, and Flexo rounded up quite a few of them. It’s always interesting to see what others are shooting to accomplish.

Lastly, I played guest blogger over at No Credit Needed. NCN wanted me to about 50% of our credit card debt. Thanks for the opportunity, NCN 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Reply Mrs. Micah |

    Some of my friends and family read my blog and I’ve had some good discussions with them about things I’ve mentioned on the blog.

  • Reply Peter The Garage Sale Man |

    Having a garage sale of your own is the best! You can clear the stuffs that you don’t need and someone else might need it and also get some spare cash for yourself at the end of the day, its a great win-win there!

    Every housewhole have at least US1000 worth of garage items, be it old or new, go get them and start selling!

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