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A Brand New Header


Look up…what do you think of the new header? I love it! I worked with the gentleman who did my blog theme (Dave at 1955 Design) and we came up with the above. I told Dave I needed something up there with more “oomph” to help keep me going when things may not be going well financially.

The purple and green colors of my site help a lot with that. They are what I like to refer to as my “happy colors.” But I needed something else to help keep me pointed in the right direction. I think the new header fits that bill. It makes me want to kick some debt butt!

2008…here we come!!!

Thanks again to Dave for the new header πŸ™‚


  • Reply Tricia |

    You might have to refresh a few times to get it to appear. I’m not sure why that is…probably has something to do with how my site is displayed.

  • Reply Susan |

    Trish: The green is for money and the purple is your artistic/sensitive side. After all you are a writer and you discuss money…so the colors are perfect. And, remember your debt is the size of a new Toyota Corolla, so keep it in perspective. If you were commuting daily to work you might need the
    Corolla, but you might have your debt paid off, so you are doing well. Should you move; what will you do with your house? Just curious. Happy Holidays
    and a financially successful 2008.

  • Reply Bev Schweigert |

    I love the new header! Looks great. You’ve been a great motivator to me! Great blog!


  • Reply David Zemens |

    Thanks for the kind words Trish. I enjoyed working on the new header image. It’s simple, but packs just enough punch to be interesting!

    Happy Holidays and good luck in 2008!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Susan – if my husband gets a job, he will likely move first. I will stay behind with my son and work to get our house ready to sell. A lot will depend on the real estate market at that time. I keep a close eye on it (for some reason it fascinates me) and right now my house would probably sell but I’m not sure we would get enough to pay off our mortgage. If we wouldn’t get enough, we may look into renting it out. I’m not sure if I’d like to go that route, though, if we are going to be living far away.

    One good thing is that I don’t really have much of an attachment to this home. We knew going in that it was a starter home. Plus, I am still on a downsizing kick and I would like to get a smaller home with a good layout.

  • Reply Susan |

    Trish: Agreed–the housing market is fascinating and I watch it constantly. I watched our house in Henderson, NV double and then drop a good $100,000+
    dollars. We too had absolutely nothing with our first house in California. You might consider lease opting. You get a small down payment and the “renters” pay everything else. If they do NOT buy your house you keep the deposit and they move on. They could trash it; then you have the deposit for repairs; or if they don’t you keep the deposit and put it back on the market. Of course there is more to it…but it can work. Good luck!

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