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Debt Forums – A Collection of Ones I Have Found


I’ve had a few people ask me if I knew of any debt forums out there. In lieu of being able to talk about your debt with friends and relatives, it may be nice to have somewhere online to go to ask questions, vent, or celebrate as you pay off your debt.

So I went searching…and searching…for some debt forums and I have some information about each one that I found.

Just a note – the list here is in alphabetical order and by listing them here I’m not endorsing any of these forums (I’m not a member at most of them). I felt there was a need for a list like this for reference. As I’ve found to be the case, some forums provide a better “fit” than others.

Saving Advice Debt Forum – This is one of the many personal finance related forums on the Saving Advice site. The forums are active and it’s a great way to get any of debt related questions answered on a timely basis. It’s a good place to visit if you are looking for a variety of opinions to a debt question.

About.com Credit/Debt Forums – For some reason, this site doesn’t like me and it won’t let me validate my email address so I can view the boards. They say you can log in as a guest to view the forums and give you a link, but you are sent to the login screen and you aren’t told how to log in as a guest! Argh. Maybe some of you will have better luck than me getting access to it if you happen to join this one.

Circle Debt Forums – This forum is very new and has sections for types of debt and personal finance in general. It is not very active at the moment and they have 38 members. They are also having a contest to help get new members. You can win $300 cash by posting, referring members or writing articles.

Debt Consolidation Care – I’ve been watching this debt forum on and off for a little while and have referred some people to it personally through email. It is more focused (and active) in the debt consolidation and collection agencies sections. If you are having creditors knock on your door, this may be the forum for you. Overall, it is a very active forum with A LOT of posts.

Debt Management Talk – This one you may remember from a little while ago. The owner over there did a guest post on here about 101 ways to put $101 in your pocket this month. This forum has 221 members and has sections on the human side of debt and understanding debt. This debt forum is the only one that I know of that offers its posters some revenue sharing by rotating their Google adsense code into the rotation.

Debt Questions Forums – This one is a UK based debt forum that has sections on debt questions, debt solutions and bankruptcy. With 4,721 members, it is more active than some of the other debt forums I have listed.

Destroy Debt Forums – This forum is also fairly new and doesn’t have much activity. They have sections about getting out of debt, improving credit and avoiding debt. As of right now, they have 143 registered members.

iVillage Debt Support Group – This one is more like a debt support message board than a debt forum, but I included it here. It focuses on women and debt and is more of a place to go to track your debt and get some emotional support.

Living Like No One Else Forums – This debt forum is highly influenced by Dave Ramsey, although it is not affiliated with his company. It has over 5,000 members and it is very active. Some of the sections include Dave’s teachings on eliminating debt as well as other money topics.

I’m sure there are more out there, so if there is one that you know of please contact me (you can try leaving a comment, but it might get filtered out by my spam filter). I will add them to this list.


  • Reply Lucy Lastic |

    The best UK finance forums ever are the Money Saving Expert ones – http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/ – they’ve got a great debt sub-forum with bags of support from other users, and loads of other thriving sub-forums for stuff like old-style thrift, coupons, cash for clicks, money saving techie stuff and stacks more. There are thousands of active members on the forums, with answers to a zillion questions. Many of the members are from overseas, particularly on the Old-Style board, so even if you’re not in the UK it’s well worth a look.

    I’m definitely a raving fan of theirs 🙂

  • Reply little_earth |

    I’m a DCC member all the way. Stumbled upon it while looking for more debt… Instead I found a way out from under it. Well I found a light, I’m still working my way out of the tunnel.

  • Reply Jim ~ mydebtblog.com |

    I don’t like forums because they all have a common problem called trolls. A troll is one of those people who go on those things to rip on people actually looking for help. I will read them for advice and ideas but won’t post anything on them so the trolls leave me alone. Blogs are a little better in the sense that you can control whether or not you allow people to post garbage in the comments. Neat list though and I will check them out.

  • Reply JW Thornhill |

    AWESOME collection! I never knew there were that many debt forums out there.

    I have to admit that I received a lot of help from the Living Like No One Else forum. Many of the members there help us with our first zero-based budget.


  • Reply dobbie |

    find some answers to different debt situations here;[url]http://www.christiandebtforum.com/forum/index.php[/url]

  • Reply haviland |

    This is a great blog. Even though so many people are struggling with mountains of debt these days, there is still a great reluctance to talk to anybody about it. With forums you can retain your anonymity and get advice (and perhaps even some sympathy!) from others who know what it feels like.

  • Reply Success411 |


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  • Reply davidhawk |

    I want to add one more name in the list and it is Vantage Acceptance. This organisation already has ongoing relationships with creditors and has been successfully negotiating on behalf of thousands of clients every day. Although each situation is unique, it is not uncommon to negotiate reductions of up to 40% – 60%* of an outstanding balance and help a customer to a debt free life in just a few short years.

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