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An Extra Bonus


We had an extra bonus yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it…it turns out that we had impeccable timing when it came to clearing out our third bedroom (my home office) and combining it with our bedroom (which left a spare bedroom).

We received a very unexpected call that a friend of ours that lives near the West coast.ร‚ย  He was going to be in town and wondered if we could pick him up from the airport. Right away, my husband offered him a place to stay because we now had a spare room!

All I can do is chuckle at the timing. It worked out beautifully. Of course, the airlines were not so cooperative and our friend now won’t be here until later today since one leg of his flight was very late.ร‚ย  But, we still can offer him a place to stay while he’s in town.

Life sure works out in funny ways, doesn’t it?


  • Reply Singapore Loans |

    Such hospitality goes beyond any monetary means and geastures.

    Yup life sometimes can be insnyc and at times out of sync. It’s all a matter of being ‘prepared’ always

    Hope you’ll have a splendid time with your guest

    I’m new here, great blog. I myself am trying to clear my own school debt of US$9.5K


  • Reply Shay Jansen |

    That is a fantastic effort on your part and a very nice reward for you and hubby even though it isn’t frugal for you but it is frugal for somone else not having to pay out huge cost on the a Motel for the nights he is in town…Enjoy your guest!

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