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Why Don’t We Pack Up and Move?


A few people have commented asking why we don’t move to find better jobs. I’ve tried quite a few times writing the story of why we don’t move. It’s a long story, and I start balling every time I try to write it. It’s one of those weak spots for me.

It’s a weak spot because I do love the area where we live. I don’t necessarily like the current town we live in, but I love the area as a whole. I fought pretty hard to be able to live here, and packing up would be like we were admitting defeat…like we failed at making it work. We overcame so many obstacles. Great, there go the tears again…gotta get off this particular topic.

Anyways…lately, some talk has occured about moving. My husband is currently looking at jobs around the state and beyond. Perhaps come summer we will make the leap and move away. I suppose if my husband can’t find a job here by then, it’s time to move on.

I learned of a neat website not too long ago. I decided to give it a whirl to perhaps find somewhere in the US that would fit the ideal place that I would like to live. It’s called Find Your Spot. You go through a series of questions and then you are given a list of the best areas for you to live.

Wouldn’t you know it. My number one match is right where I am living now. I was a bit surprised my area was even an option on the site. But I’m not so surprised it was my number one match.

A few of the other matches on the list were interesting as well. Both of them are in Michigan and both are places we had discussed as possible places to relocate. It’s hard, though, because we prefer the rural life and there are often few jobs in rural areas. There is the option of living in the city, but I did it for 6 months and it was the toughest period of my life.

Right now we are in limbo. My husband had an interview for a job and if he were to get it we could be almost doubling our income and we can stay where we are now. It’s a matter of waiting to see if anything comes of it.

The waiting game is nervewracking, to say the least!


  • Reply MOMM |

    Have you guys tried working online? Or telecommuting? Here is a boot camp that you can check out if you are interested, Nell has several telecommuting websites so you can check her out πŸ™‚ http://www.telecommutingbootcamp.com/

  • Reply Lynnae @ Being Frugal |

    Boy, do I know where you are coming from! My husband and I have often talked about moving to a more affordable area, but we love where we live. Not to mention our kids’ grandparents are here, too.

    Tough decision. I hope it works out for you to stay where you are.

  • Reply angie baby |

    I have really strong opinions about this as I grew up in your region and I’m currently dealing with an underemployed and bankrupt sibling who refuses to leave her town as well. Now that you are a parent, your sole responsibility is to your child. Getting your family out of the woods and into a more diverse culture isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Most small midwestern economies are tanking at the moment.

    Might I suggest St. Paul, Duluth, or Madison for a change? All have great public school systems and I will bet you a $100 that both of you could land great jobs. You might want to check out Money Magazine for lists of the top Midwestern towns. Eden Prarie was listed in the top ten last year πŸ™‚

  • Reply Chief Family Officer |

    I have no advice or suggestions, just wanted to send my very best wishes that your husband gets that job and everything works out the way you hope!

  • Reply FrugalBabe |

    Sending you lots of good luck for your husband getting that job. And also a reminder that your blog has shown over and over that you guys are good at overcoming obstacles and bouncing back from adversity. Even if you end up moving, I know that you’ll make it work in the new place. Good luck!!

  • Reply Mrs. Micah |

    Mr. Micah and I found job-hunting very stressful. I hope that it smooths out for you and your husband. Best of luck!

  • Reply mike |

    Texas is booming, blue collar workers w mechanical skills and can pass drug test needed oil field and Gulf coast. My son dyslexic makes $50/hr many blue collar make six figures w overtime at 45 he is near seven figure retirement and savings

  • Reply Donna |

    Oh, Tricia, we are agonizing over very similar issues. My problem is both my daughter and husband have been sick and in the hospital for various problems and the med bills are stacking up. My DH would love to move back to his home town to help out with his parents as they get older but he has a better job here in the Chicago area BUT living expenses are high and we have no one to help us out. Other posters have said it would be a cinch to get a job in the metro areas but that’s not necessarily true. I’ve been trying to find something other than my current temp job but they look at what I made in a small town at my last job and tell me that’s all I can make (BTW I don’t believe them). My skills are very good but I also have a lot of competition and many companies are family unfriendly or want me to travel. And, until we get out of some of the debt I can’t get back to school to take the few courses I need to get just a little better job and I do have a BA already. Plus, like you, I feel it would be like giving up on my choice and not giving our situation a chance.

    OK, done with the whine. Live where you are happy. You guys are doing pretty good just by being so disciplined. Good luck on making the right choice for you.

  • Reply undercovervixen |

    hey there,
    found your blog a couple weeks back and been working my way up to the present. Just noticed something a few times and wanted to give a friendly heads up – bawling is spelt with a “w” and not 2 l’s. You’ve used the word a couple of times and I just figured i should point this out.

    You’ve done an amazing thing with this blog and i hope to achieve as much as you have with mine.

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