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Credit Card Debt Update = $20,216


I had high hopes for the end of August. I was hoping to be able to break the $20,000 mark again with our debt. It wasn’t meant to be. It would have been possible if September wasn’t a horrible month for expenses (which I momentarily forgot about back then when I was more hopeful): estimated income taxes, a medical bill (which finally came in the mail!), life insurance bills for my husband and myself and our AAA insurance renewal.

Adding all that up comes to almost $900. Oh my…that’s the first time I added all of those up. No wonder I feel like we are spinning our wheels when it comes to our debt. Thank goodness for the garage sale money!

I paid a few regular credit bills a little bit early and then I paid an extra $50 to my Propser Loan to put the balance under $1,000. That leaves our credit card debt total at $20,216. Only $216 away!

It looks like I will have to be patient and wait until next month to be able to hit this next milestone. I’m not sure I have to say it, but I want to hit that milestone like you wouldn’t believe.


  • Reply Kathryn |

    All your hard work *is* paying off. Some months you face greater obstacles than others … that’s the time to really dig in your heels and resolve to at least maintain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

    Keep the blinders on and I’ll bet you see your debt down close to $15K before the end of the year. πŸ™‚

  • Reply Chris |

    Now that you’ve paid those bills, I recommend you start saving for next year! That’s $37 that needs to come out of each paycheck (assuming you are paid bimonthly).

    I’ve used this strategy and it is marvelous. I take all our bills that come up yearly, quarterly, whatever, divide them by the number of paychecks I get in a year, and “pay” it each pay period into a savings account. When those bills do come up we can just pay them without affecting our regular monthly budget.

    Plus you earn interest on your bills until they are paid.

  • Reply payday loan |

    You are a great Manager and the way you are controling your budget it is great and hope you dint spend much in August Holidays and you acheived your target to break $20,000 mark.
    All the best

  • Reply Matt |

    There are days when you just seem to be spinning your wheels, they’re frustrating we all go through them. But on those days take a look back at where you started – you’re almost half way through your debt! You’ll start making more headway soon – don’t let the days of no motion get you down.

  • Reply MVP |

    I can relate to your high-bills-for-one-month problem. We pay our auto insurance all at once every six months, so those months always feel lean since we can’t make as large as usual deposits into our emergency fund. Good job on the garage sale. What about getting a very part-time job to put you over the edge, or babysitting a couple days a week? Anything to get a few extra dollars to pay that sucker down!

  • Reply Jen |

    Well, you’re close! Very, very close! And you’re approaching the halfway mark on your original debt… That’s gotta be exciting! πŸ™‚

    I, too, know how you feel about high expense months. I’m not looking forward to my bills… I have some ugly big ticket items coming due, but I had to pay for them. What are you gonna do? It happens. After paying off the big bills I should be able to start saving again. You will, too πŸ™‚

  • Reply Sistah Ant |

    i know how you feel. there’s something exciting and encouraging about crashing through those round numbers with zeros! you feel like you’re a whole new level of accomplishment! keep going, you’ll get there!

  • Reply Dave Origano |

    Hey Tricia,

    just came back from a bookmark I made many months ago. You’re doing a great job.

    How’s your online business doing? I’m sure that when you do it right, you can make quite some money off this blog.


  • Reply Mark |

    What APR are you paying on your credit card debt? Hopefully you have it in a 0% somewhere. But your diligence is admirable to paying down your debt. I’m trying my best to avoid it at all cost.

    Best of luck.

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