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Welcome to the 107th Carnival of Personal Finance


Thanks for stopping by this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. There are 74 submissions to go through so we’ll get right to it. Listed first are my favorites:

Start Small Finish Big

“Our monthly expenses went from $6500 a month to $1200 a month. I stopped working. Husband reduced his work week. I was 50 years old. Husband was 44. With no more mortgage payments, car payments, credit card debt, we have been able to amass an extensive retirement portfolio as well as a savings account and an emergency fund these past five years. We are making up for lost time.”

Lessons Learned from Diet Books: How to Think Like a Rich Person

“For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to write about the similarities between managing one’s money and managing one’s waistline. The kind of self-discipline involved in saving money and reducing debt is very much paralleled by what it takes to lose weight and eat healthily.”

Postponing Financial Responsibility Until You Grow Up

“Do you have a friend who keeps saying things like “I’ll be an adult when I finish college” or “I’ll grow up when I _____ (insert phrase)“? We have that friend.”

Lessons From My Daughter’s First Job

“Our daughter really wants a dog. We, her parents, however, do not want to take on this responsibility at this point in our lives. Life is chaotic enough already. However, this does not mean we can’t find creative ways to foster and support our daughter’s interest in and love of animals.”

Family is Key to Personal Finance Success

“I firmly believe family is the key to personal finance success. You can carefully plan your 401(k) allocation; you can be frugal all day long; you can pay down credit card debt. If your family isn’t behind your efforts and 100% onboard, you’ll be wasting your time.”

Some Lessons From My Wallet

“Now, I am not a neatness freak by any measure, but the stuff that I pulled out of my wallet before taking the picture almost made me recoil in horror – people probably experience that kind of feeling when they *suddenly* realize that they are deep in debt.”

Trimming the Fat: Forty Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Required Spending

“One of the biggest challenges in personal finance is figuring out ways to reduce the regular bills that we all face each month. These continuous regular expenses simply fill up our budget, leaving us less money to invest for the future – and also less money to spend on things that we enjoy.”

Career & Money Part 10: Work & Happiness

“Can a career or job make you happy? Nope. Even the perfect “right fit” career can never make you happy. Happiness can only come from inside of you. On the flip side, even if you are happy as a clam with who you are, the wrong job can make you miserable and drag you down unless you do something about it.”

And here are the rest of the submissions for this carnival, organized from the longest articles to the shortest articles:

10 Essential Travel Gadgets and 10 Not to Waste Your Money On (2,366 words)

Top Common Fights Over Money and What You Can Do To Avoid Them (1,581 words)

Do You Get Money? (1,550 words)

Are You Addicted to Borrowing Money (1,419 words)

Campaign Against Financial Myths Part 1 (1,382 words)

Credit Cards Get You In, Keep You In, Keep You Spending (1,369 words)

Budgeting – Putting Things in Perspective (1,185 words)

Making Your Money Fit Your Priorities (for grads) (1,103 words)

Account Transfer from ShareBuilder to Zecco: The Information You Need (1,051 words)

Are You Ready for a Mortgage (1,029 words)

Investing Guide for the Group of Irregular Income (1,010 words)

Lowballing versus “Junk Fees” (918 words)

Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Depends on Balance Transfer Fees (913 words)

Managing Your Career in Your 20s (897 words)

What About This Core CPI? (880 words)

$10,000 Lesson on Variable Universal Life (875 words)

About Retirement – Views at 35 (806 words)

Another Financial Goal: My Very Own Full Court Basketball Court (782 words)

Down to Business (775 words)

The Way Banks Look at You Part 3 (725 words)

Thinking About My MBA – School Choices (718 words)

Polish Those Shoes (702 words)

5 Ways to Keep Dorm Life Cheaper (649 words)

Top 10 Ways to Get the Government to Pay You (648 words)

You Want Answers? (insurance fraud) (641 words)

The B Word (636 words)

Reader Question: Are Clothes a Part of Net Worth? (626 words)

Ideas to Make Some Extra Cash (616 words)

I Cashed in My Kid’s Savings Bonds. Am I a Bad Parent? (615 words)

Seven Surefire Steps to Land Your Dream Job (614 words)

Spaving: Spend Money to Make Money (597 words)

So What Did We Do On Our First Wedding Anniversary (592 words)

Why Do I Still Work For My Employer? (580 words)

Foreclosure Warnings for the Upcoming Rate Resets This Year (574 words)

Is Buying a House a Sound Investment? (554 words)

Interactive Brokers Review (549 words)

Saving Money or Saving Time? (547 Words)

Our Agent – Doing the Right Thing (535 words)

Senior Money Pit aka Grandchildren (520 words)

Run Your Own Starbucks (519 words)

Condo-Hotel Concept: Is It Worth Checking Out? (508 words)

Almost Wrapped up My Christmas Shopping Already (501 words)

Money Limerick Contest Results (500 words)

How To: Stop Receiving Credit Card Offers (484 words)

Top Quality of a Perfect Personal Financial Planner (482 words)

Retirement Withdrawal Planning… Understanding the Problem (480 words)

Pet Health – Love’s Not All They Need (466 words)

How Much for That New Car Aura (451 words)

Ditching Cable TV (448 words)

Cheap Colleges (441 words)

Why Invest in Stocks (417 words)

Canceled Cable, Saving $1500 a Year (380 words)

Mortgage Repayment (352 words)

Changing Your Job Title (not your job) Can Save On Car Insurance (326 words)

Ask for More When You’re Given a Job Offer (314 words)

I do (But…. I don’t): Decide To Be Decisive (300 words)

The Importance of Comparison Shopping (296 words)

Money Anxiety (295 words)

Can You Afford This? (279 words)

Is It Easier to Pay Back Small Amounts (276 words)

You Decide – The Best Con Artist Is (229 words)

The Cheapest iPhone Costs $16,245 (222 words)

Cutting Expenses: What Would You Cut? (203 words)

What is a Reverse Mortgage (179 words)

Retirement Savings Challenge – The Power of Compounding (178 words)

And that’s the carnival of personal finance for this week. Next week, it heads on over to Broke-Ass Student.

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