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States Offering Sales Tax Free Shopping Days for School Supplies


For those with school age children, you may be interested in knowing that some states are offering sales tax free shopping days for school supplies. Each state has their own definition of “school supplies,” so you will have to pay attention to the particulars.

Here are the states that offer sales tax holiday saving. It does change year to year, so don’t assume that each state will always or never have a sales tax holiday for school supplies.

Up until now, I completely forgot about school shopping. Summer is going by way too fast!


  • Reply Katie |

    Also, Delaware always has tax-free shopping! So if you live near, it is worth the trip!

  • Reply Jim ~ mydebtblog.com |

    Depending on what exactly you buy as school supplies, how much money really goes to taxes? I have never heard of this before though.

    School is important to children to give them a future to do anything. I participate in a company program that donates backpacks filled with school supplies. It only costs me about $20 to put a bag together for a kid to have the basics for school. The sad part is why the parents don’t have the $20 to PROVIDE this to their child in the first place. School is a yearly thing for K-12, so it should not be a shock that it will start here soon. I think most parents look forward to that though.

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