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Net Worth Update – Up $701


I was thinking June would be a better month, and it was. We were able to increase our net worth by $701 and now it stands at -$33,693. July should also be a good month because my husband has income coming in from two part-time jobs and also a side project.

Since I don’t track our mortgage or student loan debt on here, you can always see that information (and more) here:

NetWorth IQ Profile

FYI – For those that have been looking for a PineCone Research banner, I caught one on the NetWorth IQ page when I was entering my info (on the very top). I have been doing surveys for PineCone for a few years now and they pay $5.00 for each survey you complete and they are very dependable. The banner doesn’t appear to be on every page, though. I think it rotates or something. I’ve heard that the banner is gone now.


  • Reply AJ - IAmFacingMillions.com |


    Thanks for the heads up on the pinecone banner. I’ve been looking for one for a bit. The banner said for 18-24 but I went ahead and applied anyway. It showed up after about 8 to 10 page reloads and is still there as of 11:30 PM CST 7/4/2007. They are pretty quick to end the campaigns once they know the word is out, so hurry up…

  • Reply Matt |

    Hey Tricia, Congrats on the increase in net worth. Its always nice when the right numbers go up!

  • Reply Sam |

    Thanks for the heads up on pinecone. I’ve been looking for them for quite a while! I applied yesterday!
    Also, congrats on your net worth increase!

  • Reply Suzi |

    I was able to join Pinecone on Thursday afternoon. My banner or form did not specify an age. I did have to click on the site a few times to get the Pinecone banner. There were other banners showing first. i have tried to get registered at Pinecone for several months but they weren’t taking new people at their web site. So, big thanks! And good luck to others trying to register.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Great! I’m glad the banner is still there and some of you were able to sign up. 🙂

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