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Eight Things About Me


AKB over at the new life I lead tagged me to reveal 8 things about myself. I talk so much about our finances, that I thought I would reveal other tidbits.

1.) I have had an iguana as a pet. We were his third owner. The first owner neglected/abused him, the second owner treated him well. When we got him he was still fairly wild. While I was pregnant we decided to give him away to someone else because I was afraid to have him around my son because he could whip around his tail and really hurt you.

2.) I have had rats as pets. It started off with two boys (according to the pet store). Actually, they were boy and girl and two rats turned into 16. We were able to find homes for 6 so we had 10 rats for quite some time. Believe it or not, they are great pets.

3.) My favorite pet was a guinea pig that was named Kitty. She was a doll and I loved the way she squeaked when the lettuce bag rustled. Unfortunately, I started having severe allergic reactions to something and upon testing I found it I was highly allergic to guinea pigs. I had to give her (and another one I had) away.

4.) If I had the money to buy any toy that I wanted, I would want to buy one of those radio controlled helicopters. There’s a cheaper one at Walmart that is 6 directional and the last time I went there was only one left. I always think of hiding it on the shelves so maybe someday I can buy it.

5.) If you’ve ever watched Big Top Pee-Wee, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say I want one of those harness things in my backyard (that circus performers use to practice on). It looks like so much fun!

6.) I am afraid of heights but I like airplane rides. It has to be small planes though, not larger planes. I’ve only been on a plane twice in my life.

7.) When I’m older and well-off financially, I’d love to get an ultralight. I saw one once at our mall on display and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. One of these days…

8.) I love to drive hilly roads where you can drive just fast enough (but not speed) to get that weightlessness feeling in your tummy. I have a road by me that is perfect for that and I have been known to go over a certain section, turn around, and go back and do it again.

Next up, I get to tag someone, and I am going to tag Basil and Bianca. Those two debt-fighters crack me up so their answers should be interesting.


  • Reply Renee |

    Someone near us always flies an ultralight over our house – I think they look fun, too!

    My mom used to do that hill-driving thing with my sister and I in the car as kids, and we used to throw our hands up and go “wheeeeeeeee!” like we were on a roller coaster!

    Nice list – you definitely seem like a fun and adventurous person πŸ™‚

  • Reply Kristina |

    Why have you only flown twice? Is it your finances, or are you scared to fly on bigger planes? Would you like to travel internationally when you are out of debt and have saved up? Just curious! I love travel so much that it’s always my first priority over other splurges.

  • Reply Tricia |

    larisa – after reading your comment I checked the prices on Amazon. I never even thought of checking there. But, alas, the helicopter is still a little bit more than what I have available.

    Renee – no, I’m not fun and adventurous. I’m actually pretty dull and boring and over responsible. I’m a wanna-be adventurous person, though!

    Kristina – The first time I flew was in high school. My parents gave me a gift certificate to fly (it was awesome!). The second time was on my honeymoon (awesome again!). Both times were the small 4 seater planes. I’ve never been drawn to the bigger planes. I like the more intimate setting of the smaller planes. I think, too, it gives me a sense that I have some control with the smaller planes, even though I know I don’t have control (hope that makes some sense lol). I guess I am a little scared of the bigger planes, but I would hop on one if I had to get somewhere fast. It’s not enough of a fear to stop me from riding one.

    We haven’t traveled very far at all. A lot of it has to do with finances. After we are out of debt, I’m not sure if we’d travel overseas. I would, however, like to go to Canada and visit Alaska. I also have a friend out west that I would love to visit sometime.

  • Reply Matt |

    Oooh I like point number 8… just add a little more speed and on the really good hills the cars wheels can lift off!! (actually I’ve only been in one car that did this) I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about I live it too.

  • Reply Bev Schweigert |

    I love our guinea pig! His name is Scooter and when I walk into my daughter’s room, he squeals so loud as if ot say, ‘Come over here and see me!!!’ lol! I also used to have white mice when I was a kid and we were also told we had two boys… but ended up with about 10 babies. Those pet shop owners have more trouble sexing their pets than we do! lol!


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