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Another Special Personal Finance Interview with a Youngin’


On Monday, the Carnival of Personal Finance will be here and there will be a lot of reading! So far, there are well over 30 submissions.

I know I usually highlight a few posts on Friday, but since it will be pretty busy here on Monday, I only picked one that I really enjoyed.

Michael from Money Musings was inspired by my personal finance interviews with my son (first one & second one) and had a little interview with his 4 year old daughter.

Very cute 🙂


  • Reply Keith |

    I know this is off topic, but I wanted to congratulate you! You got a little mention on NPR this morning 🙂

  • Reply Spanky |

    That’s a great idea to interview the children. My parents tried to teach my financial responsibility at a young age, but I really never grasped the concepts of economy and finance until much later(too late!) That’s great to get the kids thinking early.

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