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A Mother’s Day Update


First of all, I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. From the look of things around my neck of the woods, the restaurants were packed and there were many people out and about.

Today, we spent the day out and about hiking and spending some quality family time together a little ways from home. It felt good to get out and enjoy they day for there were few bugs out and the temp was in the low 60s and sunny. As often happens to us, we had a few blunders (it wouldn’t be a family trip without them! πŸ™‚ ).

We packed up our picnic lunch and had a few burgers that we were going to grill. We get to the location and my lighter decided to quit working. We had no way to lite the charcoal and we were miles from any store. We finally gave up trying the lighter and ate the side dishes we brought. The next person to visit that grill will have some charcoal ready for them to use as long as they have the ability to make fire LOL.

After eating, we decided to walk on some of the rocks jutting out of Lake Superior. With the lake levels being very low this year, we were able to get farther on the rocks than we have ever been able to before. We felt triumphant once we reached the last big rock we could get to. On the way down from the rock, I decided to hand our camera to my husband because I was worried it may fall out of my pocket. His hand and the camera didn’t quite connect and the camera hit the rocks below with an awful “clunk.” I thought that was it and was holding my breath that it would still work. Well, that camera was on a mission and managed to bounce a few more times right into Lake Superior. My husband quickly fished it out and I tried to dry the outside as best as I could. After we left I held the camera outside of the car window to try to dry it out fully. After putting in new batteries there was nothing. The camera didn’t make it πŸ™

We still had a wonderful time even though we didn’t have burgers on the grill and I couldn’t take any pictures. We spent a very nice day as a family and in the end…that is what counts.


  • Reply Karen |

    OK now, admit it – you accidentally “dropped” your camera because you have been wanting a new one, LOL. Seriously, there are some great deals out there with SLR digital bundles with 2 lenses. Photography is one of my passions and I have been wanting a SLR digital for quite some time. The prices have come down and I got a 16 months $0 financing charges deal.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Funny enough…my husband was like, “Now you have to get the new camera.” Unfortunately, unless we can get some more money in soon, I may have to pull the extra money that I have been saving (for the camera, $200) to help pay our health insurance bill due next month. It’s been difficult to properly plan for that $800+ payment every two months because our income isn’t as large as it was when we bought the plan.

    Mind if I ask about the bundles with two lenses? It doesn’t hurt to dream πŸ˜‰

  • Reply Donna |

    Oh, Tricia, your camera. I know how that feels. My husband washed one of ours in the laundry once. BTW, he’s not allowed to do laundry any more between that and some shortened work pants of mine. LOL.

    The weather was great here too and we planted a balcony vegetable garden with lots of tomatoes and basil. Although we spent a little we hope to reap the rewards with cheap pesto from the basil and REAL tomatoes instead of the crummy grocery store ones.

  • Reply Chris |

    Sorry to hear about your camera, but think of it this way. If you had purchased that expensive camera already, guess which camera would have probably been broken instead!

  • Reply Karen |

    I got an Olympus with 2 lenses, normal-to-wide angle, and telephoto. It has a built-in flash, I believe it is 8 MP and comes with rechargeable battery, carry strap, software/cords, and a bonus 2 GB memory card, etc. It got a great review on a website I checked. It even came with a cord to hook up the camera to a TV which we did on a trip last weekend in a hotel room! I believe it is the EVOLT 500 model and the price was about $650 before tax. I had been watching the pricing and had not seen any for less than $900 until recently.

  • Reply KMK |

    Did you try putting the camera in the refrigerator with the back open and leave it overnight? It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve heard it works wonders with cell phones that have been dropped in, um, “bodies of water”

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