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Saved Another $20 By Cutting My Own Hair


My blog needs a makeover and I was feeling the need for one as well. The winter has left my long hair dull and unhappy. I needed to do something to help perk it up and it always loves a fresh cut. Instead of going to a salon, I do what I normally do and save money by cutting my own hair.

This time I decided to enlist the help of my 5-year old son. If you could have seen the look on his face when I asked him if he wanted to help. He was so excited to get the “grown up scissors” and he started telling me how he was going to cut one side way up at the top and then lower on the other side. Hmmm….I wasn’t thinking of that drastic of a makeover at the moment LOL.

So we compromised. I put my hair in a ponytail and let him cut it off. He got a kick out of that. He wanted to do more, but I told him it was now mommy’s turn.

Before when I cut my own hair I was real careful to cut it all one length and make sure it is even. With straight hair, that’s not too hard to do and before long I was able to cut my hair with very little help (before I had my husband help me even things out in the back). I was feeling courageous because I had just watched America’s Next Top Model. While looking at those contestants, I realized that many of the haircuts are a little haphazard but they still look good. Why? Because the girls are confident with their hairdo. Even if my hair ends up a bit of a disaster I can always walk around and “work it” like my hairdo was done by a professional. I even have a name for the professional, “Izdun Bye Mysun.” That sounds like a hairstylist, right? 🙂

After my son cut off the ponytail, I took a look and he actually cut the ponytail off quite evenly. I only needed to even up one side and a little section in the back. Usually, that would be the end of my cut. But I decided to put in some layers to hopefully give my hair some body so it wasn’t so limp.

I sectioned my hair off in vertical sections and then combed the hair straight up. When I hit the end of the shortest strands, I cut the hair straight across. I continued with this all around my head to add the layers. I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but I gave it a shot.

I dried my hair with the blowdryer and took a look. I was impressed! I love the way my hair has more body and I love the way my hair lays now. I’m also in the process of growing out my eyebrow length bangs that I have had basically all of my life, and my longer bangs fit right in with the haircut. For the first time since cutting my own hair I feel like my hair has some pizzaz to it.

Now that I’ve had success with this cut, I may try to do something more drastic next time. The shortest I have ever had my hair is shoulder length so maybe I’ll try a funky short hairdo. In any case, I’ll continue to save money on haircuts if I keep doing my own. Who knows? Maybe I can get so good practicing on myself that I can cut other people’s hair and make money by doing it.


  • Reply Homemom3 |

    I cut my hair by myself all the time…just like you I’ll ask my son. Normally he gets to cut the pieces that aren’t even. My hair is so thick it costs too much to get it cut or colored. I use to have it colored but at $80 I’d rather buy all those diapers or groceries.

  • Reply Donna |

    Good job! I’ve done mine in the past until I get so tired of it I just have to go somewhere even if I use a chain $7.99 coupon. BTW, I like the way your blog looks. I think you just may need to add the color you’re missing and maybe you can find some graphics or take some photos to add. (A picture of your cut off pony tail with a $20 bill would have been fun.)

  • Reply Colleen |

    While I won’t go far as to attempt to cut my own hair, I did come up with a way to cut back on my expenses. I usually get a color and haircut every 6 weeks for around $90 w/tip. I started getting my hair professionally colored about 3 years ago because I was tired of my gray roots almost immediately appearing after I colored my own hair. Instead of getting the color and haircut every six weeks, I am going to hair cuttery and paying $24 w/tip every other 6 weeks. My color job is such that the gray blends in naturally and looks more like highlights, and I love “trim” I get at the Hair Cuttery. By alternating visits to the more expensive salon w/ Hair Cuttery, I figure this will save me around $200 per year and more if I can go beyond the six week time period. I could save even more if I forgo the blow dry – which I may do over the summer months!

So, what do you think ?