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CNN Is Looking For a Couple in Debt


A producer at CNN asked me if I would be willing to post a little announcement on here. They are looking for a couple to interview about debt. If you are interested, email or give a call to the number below.


I am working on a story about couples in debt (some have not completely disclosed the amount of debt to their partners). It is a tough subject for everyone, but one we think is very important for our viewers. I would like to interview a spouse or couple (married or unmarried) about their debt challenges. If he or she do not feel comfortable appearing on camera, we can maintain anonymity by shooting the interview in silhouette. Thank you very much.

Ronni Berke

CNN Senior Producer
(212) 275-7654 office
(917) 716-3158 cell”


  • Reply Fellowes |

    I think it is interesting that they would offer to have people shoot in silhoutte. There really does seem to be an incredible stigma about debt, almost to the point where people hide from themselves. I know I was ‘hiding’ from my debt, but I must say that my decision to blog about it, particularly with my balances posted, was SO liberating. If they called on me, Id happily tell my story. A large part of the reason I am no longer a couple, i.e. divorced, is because of this extreme debt and the lack of discussion about money between me and my ex-wife.

  • Reply Deby |

    Tricia, I’m sad. I came to your website from an article reprinted in our local paper (I think it was the NY Times story) and found your site to be informatative, helpful and well written. I’ve spent the last several weeks going through your archives and I’ve finally read through them all. Now it feels like I’ve come to the end of a book I’ve really enjoyed. Luckily, this story keeps going on, albeit not quite so quickly πŸ˜‰
    You have truly inspired me to get out of my own debt spiral. I don’t quite have the means yet, but I am working on methods and alternatives, and hope to have a good plan in place in a few months.
    Congratulations on your success so far, and may you reach your goals before your deadline! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Fellowes |

    Okay, I thought a little more about this. While I have no shame about my debt anymore, I would not want my employer or colleagues at work to know my financial situation so I can certainly understand the silhoutte idea. In fact, if I were called on to partcipate, I would probably do that to protect my identity from my work. Unfortunately, people do make value judgements with this kind of stuff so better to be safe than sorry I would imagine.

  • Reply kelley buck |

    we are a family of six with an annual income of 75000 which is just not enough! Between hockey, ballet ,mortgage, loan gas groceries the list goes on. We need some help! kelley buck

  • Reply Tricia |

    Fellowes – that’s how I feel too. I am not worried about people knowing about my debt except for those related to my employment. I mean, my co-workers I’d be fine with it and my boss’ too…but I deal with customers. I wouldn’t want them knowing for I fear it could reflect badly on the company. I hope that made sense πŸ™‚

    Deby – Thank you. Hearing that I helped someone take action against their debt is one of the best complements I could receive. You will make it, just hang in there through the ups and downs.

    kelley buck – If you are just starting out, check out my Good Info and look under Debt Calculators and Debt Reduction resources. Start reading…start learning…get motivated and just watch what you can do when you set your mind to it! Good luck!

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