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Oh My…It’s March, We Made It!


When we purchased our health insurance in December, we only signed up my husband and myself because my son was still covered through the state sponsored plan through the end of 2006. I figured that I would call and add him to start his coverage in January.

Well, I couldn’t do that. The earliest I could add him to our plan was March. I had thought about getting some short term health insurance for him because he is 5 years old and likes to jump off everything, but I didn’t. With life going on, it slipped my mind.

It didn’t even hit me until a few minutes ago that yesterday was March 1st. Our son is now on our policy. Yay!

All three of us have health insurance, we are contributing to a retirement account, we have money in a savings account, our debt is going down, and next week we will be having our exam for life insurance policies. Our financial house is slowly but surely getting the solid foundation that it needs.


  • Reply reggie |

    That’s the girl Tricia,

    Slowly but surely things will fall into place, it’s a long road to the TOP.
    then the real problems begin..
    First he have to struggle to get to the top,
    and once we get to the TOP we have to fight hard to stay on the top.
    so once u get over the debts, then the next fight would be STAYING OUT OF DEBT.
    but i’m in your corner backing u as u goo.

    keep up the hard work girl, u deserve it.

  • Reply Kim L. |

    Good for you! You have made some amazing changes. You should be very proud of yourself!

  • Reply kurt jarcik |

    Easystm.com will give Coverage of short term health insurance as early as the next day… just a few simple medical questions to answer. Best of all, you can choose to receive your policy electronically!

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