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Have You Had Bad Experiences With Your Credit Cards?


I was contacted by a writer that wants to hear some of your stories about credit cards. This is 100% legitimate because I’ve worked with this person before and he is very professional and will treat you with respect. He is interested in these specific scenarios:

– People hit by universal default clauses on multiple credit cards.

– People who answered low-rate “pre-approved” credit offers but actually received cards with higher rates or lower credit lines

– People who put their education expenses (or their children’s) on their credit cards and then struggled to pay all the finance charges.

This would be for a very well-read paper and you would need to provide your name. If you have dealt with one of the specific scenarios above and would like to tell your story, please send me an email at bloggingawaydebt [at] yahoo [dot] com and please put in the subject line “Credit Card Interview”. Please within the body of the email give me permission to forward your email to the writer.


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