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The Laptop Adapter Didn’t Survive After All


A little over a month ago, an unexpected phone call and my nature to answer that call as quickly as possible resulted in a mutilated laptop adapter plug. I brought out some tools and I thought I fixed it. Instead, I just gave a little more use time for there was hidden damage done.

The little prong that inserts inside the laptop broke off at the tip today. There is no hope of repairing that. I have to bite the bullet and purchase a new adapter. They run around $80 so I was not happy.

Looking around the internet, many places were sold out of the adapter at the moment. Since the laptop holds my Quicken and financial information, that’s not good. Luckily, I was working on reports for posting on here so I know exactly where we stand at the moment. I will be fine without looking at our finances for a few days. After some searching, I did find them in stock at Amazon.com. It was a few dollars more than other places, but I trust shopping there.

When I went to checkout at Amazon, I was offered a free three month trial of Amazon Prime Membership. That meant that I could get overnight shipping for $3.99. Awesome! Shopping at Amazon will actually cost less due to the reduced shipping costs. Now, I have to remember to cancel the membership or I will be charged $79 for it (yikes!).

This spending is not a great way to start February off, but at least the adapter went kaput while my husband has his temp job. If it happened in March we may have had to put the adapter on the credit card and would not have been able to pay it off. That would have been bad. Very bad.


  • Reply echy |

    The new Mac laptops are not susceptible to the kind of damage that occurred to your computer.

  • Reply Tricia |

    That’s right. They now have magnetic adapters that will come right out when pulled. I wish mine had that, but my older laptop will have to do for a while 🙂

  • Reply MOMM |

    Yikes but glad you found a solution. I did the Amazon Prime and made a date in my google calendar as a reminder to cancel. I was supposed to keep track of purchases so I could see if it was worth buying, but I didn’t so we haven’t. LOL

  • Reply dani |

    You can go into “My Account” settings on Amazon and when you go into the Amazon Prime section, there should be a little box where it says “Automatically renew my membership on DATE” unclick it, and voila! it won’t automatically renew.

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