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Sick Day Today


Today was a rough day in our household. Around 1pm I came down sick with what we believe was some type of food poisoning. I ended up sleeping a good portion of the afternoon and didn’t wake up until 8pm. I’m finally starting to feel better, but unfortunately my husband is now sick as well. Thank goodness our son was spared.This morning I peeked in here and answered some emails. I do try to answer them all. Today’s sickness put me a little behind, so if you don’t hear back from me in a few days, that’s why.

I wanted to say thank you for all of the comments and emails I’ve received. I’ve noticed a few new blogs spouting up and I think it’s great that others are deciding to use the internet for accountability. The one thing that happened when I started my blog is that I now talk about finances with my mom and one of my friends. I showed them the blog to open up dialogue, which I feel is a really good thing.

Probably many of you are new to the world of financial blogs. There are actually over 800 out there being aggregated on one great website, pfblogs.org. Chances are, you can find multiple blogs that interest you. There are some written by financial planners, college students, over 30 crowd, real estate and investors and then there are of course other debt bloggers out there that were not mentioned in the NYT article.

I’ll be working to answer emails and comments and I thank you for your patience in the meantime 🙂


  • Reply Ginger |

    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I am a member on about.com on being frugal and a lady post a artical on you. It was a good from NY times.

  • Reply Mark Lesser |


    I discovered your sight on International herald Tribune.. what you are doing is great… its not only motivating, but it “normalizes” other people’s situation.

    As a business strategist and psychologist at a large home loan bank.. I think this is great.

    I look forward to reading more, and hope we can communicate at some point.



  • Reply Vanessa |

    I am 53 years old and feel like financial failure. I have recently come out of a chapter 13 that I had to declare after putting my three children thru college in 10 years. They all graduated—Boston U, Xavier, and Northwestern–and all are employed.
    I ended up having 30,000 worth of IRS debt,losing my home, (I am now in a lease purchase arrangement to buy it back) and I have 25,000 on my American Express.
    I own my own business and am currently making between 40-50,000 a year. My husband works part-time and currently is bringing home only 1000-1200 per month.
    We have no health insurance, no life insurance, and only 25,000 in an annuity for retirement.

    I am constantly fearful about my situation…and I have had no one to talk to because I have been too ashamed to tell anyone the real story…..I am glad you are doing this blog….as a young person you are very wise…….

    I wish I had had someone to advise me over the years whose advice I could trust….but noone was willing to do so…and others were in worse shape than myself.

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